Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gul Gets It Right

There was something amiss in Gul's ensemble at the SET Stardust awards and I always thought it was the hair. well, my instincts were correct, cuz last night at the 53rd Filmfare Awards, Gul was an absolute sight for sore eyes!

This time, the dress was perfect, the hair was perfect, heck, everything was perfect!

Gul @ 53rd Filmfare Awards

Gul @ SET Stardust Awards

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The Worst Dressed..

...from what we have seen this far has to go to Vidya Balan, of course! That color and all that bling work on the outfit! Tacky, so very tacky!


Designer Stud Or Dud?

At the 53rd Filmfare Awards, we caught Amrita Rao wearing a Babita Malkani dress and Minissha Lamba, a red saree by Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor.

Which outfit was a designer stud and which a dud?

Amrita Rao @ 53rd Filmfare Awards

Minissha Lamba @ 53rd Filmfare Awards


Bag Spotting!!

Spotted Ekta Raheja carrying the Chanel large Luxe Bowler bag at Marc Cain fashion show! Not a big fan of the bag but if it interests you, look it up via Bag Borrow Or Steal!


Icy White, Blushing Beige: A FaceOff!

While I like Aarti Surendranath's outfit at the Marc Cain Fashion Show, I just don't like it on her! So by default, this one goes to Perizaad, who sported quite the understated look at the unveiling of Gitanjali's new brands. Though, I must add, the outfit was a little too 'frock'-ey for me and the length was just weird! So, wait, this round doesn't goto Perizaad after all then!


Hit Gold!

Malaika has been rather fond of those trio of Gold metallic bangles lately... have spotted her serial-accessorizing with them again n' again just these past few months!

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Kareena At 53rd Filmfare Awards

Kareena Kapoor in what else but a Manish Malhotra designed sari at the Filmfare awards. One of these days, someone should introduce her to some other names, there's a whole new world out there!!

The outfit itself was pretty safe and boring!


Deepika Padukone In Gauri And Nainika

We knew Gauri and Nainika were good, but they just seem to get better with every collection. This strapless dress looks sooo good on her! When you are an A-list celebrity, you get to wear a dress that noone has seen yet, but when you aren't, this is what happens! ;)

Again And Again!

Caught! Karishma wearing the same sari within a span of just a week! Hmmm, what's worse now? Gauri's tan or Karishma's fashion offense?

Mukesh Ambani Bash, 16 Feb 2008

53rd Filmfare Awards, 23 Feb 2008

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"WTHeyyy" Happened!!??

Good Lord! Someone please keep Gauri away from the tanning bed or what ever tanning lotion or spray-on product she is using! This is just plain ridiculous! Pity, that the only time she looked good was when she was on a magazine cover and that too had been heavily photoshopped.


Again And Again!

We were impressed when Pooja selected this outfit to wear to the Dubai International Film Festival in December 2007, but we are so not impressed that she so quickly decided to wear it again already to the 53rd Filmfare Awards. Even Bipasha still hasn't repeated hers!

Above: Pooja Bedi at the 53rd Fair One Filmfare Awards
Below: Pooja Bedi at the 4th Dubai International Film Festival

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Not A Kelly Too!

Ok so we are more or less reconciled to the fact that Madhoo has a 'Birkin'. But, a Kelly too? Now, thats just rubbing it in our faces! ;)


Friday, February 22, 2008

When Black Is "Blah"

Even a gorgeous Sushmita couldn't spice up this black dress at the DVD release of the movie "Samsaara". Someone remove that belt from the dress and hand her a steam iron to remove the wrinkles and then we might have something good in our hands!

And I don't understand this obsession of flimsy ribbon belts on outfits. So ugly!

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Casual But So Not Cool!

My eyes are so blinded by the combination of Kareena's red shirt and Bipasha's yellow tee, that I don't know what to say!

How come on good days they are really good, but when on bad days, they are really really bad!

Kareena @ Shobha Asar Launch

Bipasha @ Race Promo Event


Cinderella For A Night..

Diablo Cody

Every year, Stuart Weitzman creates a million dollar shoe and one lucky person gets to wear it to the Oscars. This year the shoes will be on Diablo Cody, a former stripper and writer of the movie "Juno".

The beige "Retro Rose" T-Strap features two Kwiat diamond roses made from more than 1,800 Kwiat diamonds.

Why do I feel that the shoes would pop more if they had been in black? What say? Actually, any other color but beige!


Shade Spotting

We spotted the hottest shades of last year, the Tom Ford "Whitney" on quite a few of our Indian fashionistas too.

While Aishwarya and Gauri have had them way before these shades became all the rage, Shilpa was caught wearing them much much after.

Aishwarya, Jan 2006

Gauri Khan April 2007

Shilpa, Jan 2008

Pssst, did I mention already that I have one too? ;)

Buy via Neiman Marcus

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Bag Spotting

Whoa, Anupama Verma must still be making some reallly big bucks! How else was she able to get this LV Griet Tote!! The bag first featured on Scarlett Johanssen when she did the LV promos and the last time we checked, the listing on eBay for the tote was for more than $3000.

Some people just have all the luxuries in life! So unfair!!!

Bid via Ebay

It's Not That Easy!

Did Pria Kataria Puri think that just because we have a weakness for the "Birkin", that we would excuse her bad dressing style! We do admit our weakness about the "Birkin", but we still do not pardon anyone who dresses this ghastly while carrying a "Birkin"! (That Fendi belt, just screams "I am so outta place!")

We judge designers by looking at their whole ensemble, and not just by their bag! They can't distract us by a "Birkin"!

No.. No.. No..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peer Pressure?

So we don't know if it was peer pressure that got to Usman, but it is kinda weird that Saif gets a tattoo of Kareena'a name, and now we have Usman(Saif's GF's BFF's boyfriend) getting a tattoo of Amrita's name.

Now, we all know that once you get a tattoo, the relationship is doomed! Don't we? ;) But, I am really shocked that grown men like Saif and Usman get that huge of a tattoo on their forearm at this age! Do they not know that this is permanent?? Even plastic surgery will leave some sort of scar to remove it!

A Face Off!

One shimmered. One shined. Of the two ladies, one had to out-shine the other...So...Who Shone??

Esha Deol At One Two Three Music Launch

Lisa Ray At Unveiling Of Rado's Boutique


Stop. Please.

We have seen it once, twice and thrice but Gauri Khan's obsession with all things 'animal-print' just doesn't seem to end! What a tacky, tacky shirt and whats with Bollywood taking the whole 'innerwear is outwear' diktat out of context? Did I miss a memo?



Bows? Check. Floral prints? Check. Tights? Check. Neon tights? Check. Patent leather pumps? Patent leather bag? Check. Check.

Overdosed on trends? One terrible mish-mash? One terrible fashion faux-pas? Simone at the music launch of Bhram? Check. Check. Check. Hell, yes, thats a Check!!!


The Black And White FaceOff!

Both Sameera and Tanisha decided to go with black and white, floral motifs for their outfits at the 'One Two Three' music launch. Who worked her outfit better?

Sameera Reddy



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Red Alert!

The red dress with the black belt. It has been seen on many red carpets and many events. Done right, you look classy.

Preity Zinta @ IPL Auction


Done wrong and you have a Priyanka. Chopra, that is!

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