Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Not To Valentino!

You may have brought Valentino to India, but you, Sheetal Mafatlal, don't know how to carry a bag well at all! How could you pair such a beautiful bag with such an ugly dress!

You, my dear, need some style lessons. Take a hint from Jen or Nicollete. Keep the outfit simple and let the bag do all the talking, dear!

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Corset Face Off

Since these two are constantly feuding with each other, we want to give them some more to fight about! Nothing like adding more fuel to a fire! ;)

Priyanka @ 50 Cent Concert

Kareena @ Nach Baliye

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Real Men Wear Pink!

Wow...Shreyas really took the phrase to heart and showed up not just in a pink shirt, but a baby pink jacket! Somebody needs to let him know the real joke behind the phrase.

Unless, Of course he was trying to prep for his next role, Apna Sapna Money Money - The Sequel, and just getting some pointers from drag queen expert, Ritesh!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hosed By Pantyhose

I know I am being evil here but I look at this pic of Joely Richardson(Nip/Tuck) and all that came into my head was "Sonam.. Sonam.. Sonam".

Don't blame me. Blame Sonam for her umpteen appearances in short dresses paired with black pantyhose and flats!

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It's All In The Family!

The Niece: While I do like two-toned shoes, Sonam's look more clownish because of her two toned outfit! Would love to see her in an all-black outfit and then sport these shoes..

The Aunt: Big rule of stripes. Always wear vertical stripes. They make you look taller. But, Sridevi's jacket is doing nothing for her and just making me dizzy!

(Corrected: Its vertical stripes not horizontal!) Thanks Sudha! ;)




Old "Tulsi" Repeats Her Sari...

Wagh Bakri Chai Launch, 28 Nov 2007

Police Diwali Mela, 5 Nov 2007

while new "Tulsi" wears Sabyasachi! It's good to be at Balaji!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beauty Vs Brains

What matters more? You can decide!

Simone Singh @ Chivas Fashion Party

Barkha Dutt @ Asian Television Awards

Oct 2007

Nov 2007

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Tanushree's Eye(Contacts) Sore

There is no beauty left in the holder of these eyes!


Mahima Post Preggers!

Before we start judging Mahima, let me remind all of you that this woman just had her bundle of joy about six months ago! At a time when everyone goes through postpartum depression, check out our lady out and about!

As for her style.. she did pretty good wearing a black corset that will take attention away from her tummy! But the pose for the shutter bugs. That is a different story. All the hand on the tummy is only bringing more attention to it than take away from it! For next time, Mahima, let's keep the hands away from the waist!


Udita Loves Turquoise A Bit Too Much!

Look closely and you can something more under the white dress! And of all the turquise jewelry out there, she had to pick an ugly choker!

A long simple necklace like the one below would have been so much more elegant!

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Ash Expecting Twins?

Is that why Aishwarya is wearing an outfit with both baby blue and baby pink!?

Pretty In Pink: Nach Baliye Face Off!

Yesterday, we first posted a pic of Madhuri in this outfit designed by Manish Malhotra. But, then check who already beat her to the pole in something verry similar!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tannishtha At BIFA 2007

Hope she wins at BIFA! Can't wait to see Brick Lane. Nice to see her not wearing bra straps with this halter dress!

BIFA 2007

Marrakesh Film Festival 2005


Malaika In Surily

Malaika @ CCI New Years Bash Announcement

Surily Goel for WIFW Spring/Summer 2008

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The Most Expensive Sari?

It just might be! That is what "The Chennai Silks" claims this sari to be.

What makes it so expensive, you wonder?
Well, for starters, the silk sari has been woven with twelve precious stones and also features replications of 11 of Raja Ravi Verma paintings.

What kind of precious stones we talking about?
umm...emeralds, rubies, pearls set in platinum and gold are just a few of the stones that were woven intricately onto the sari to adorn the women in the paintings..

What will this sari will cost you?
A mere Rs 40 lakhs!

Quick! Better hide the newspapers and turn off the tv before your mother-in-law asks for one!

Watch the video of the unveiling here

Read original article here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pretty In Pink: Face Off

Who do you think rocked the red carpet in pink!

Tabu @ 17th Gotham Awards by IFP

Parminder @ ER 300th Episode Bash


Ooh! We are "Mad" About Manish!

Look who we caught wearing Manish's creation yet again!


Koel Wearing Dhoti's Now?

We know the "dhoti" is known for its roominess, but what does Koel need room for?

Still Talking Saawariya..

All the disses in the world about the movie still couldn't stopped me from watching it. I obviously watched for two reasons!

Numero Uno: Ranbir's tushie( which unfortunately was cut out from the print I watched.)

The other was to see the designs of Anuradha Vakil on the cast. Couldn't help notice the same outfit that Rani wore to the premiere also made an appearance in the movie too on Sonam. While Rani's was blue and hot pink, Sonam's is a mix of green, blue and aubergine.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Who Made Her Miss World?

I am not sure where to begin on Yukta. The choice of dress? The pointed shoes? Or this tacky pose that she seems to strike in almost all of her pics!

ITA Awards

Goal Premiere


Bhoomika In Manish Malhotra

We saw Aditi Govitrakar wear a similar choli back in Oct. The outfits are pretty similar except Bhumika's has much more heavy embroidery..

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Pari Hun Main?

Definitely Not! A Sari is supposed to be sexy except Suneeta Rao's made it "slutty" by pairing one with a "skimpy as can get" blouse! This sideshow is too ghastly! Whatever happened to the "leave some room for imagination"!


Sisters Sisters!

They don't look alike (guess that sucks for Amrita!) but they sure do dress alike! Wat's up with with the electric blue eye-shadow!

Above: Amrita at 'The Salon Fiama Di Wills'
Below: Malaika at Launch of Country Club

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dia's A Repeater Too!

Above: Daawat-E-Dosti, Nov 2007
Below: Middle East International Film Festival, Oct 2007

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Summer's Over But Bronze Is Not

Preeti @ Indian Television Academy Awards

Deepika @ Om Shanti Om Book Launch

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