Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Red Alert!

The red dress with the black belt. It has been seen on many red carpets and many events. Done right, you look classy.

Preity Zinta @ IPL Auction


Done wrong and you have a Priyanka. Chopra, that is!

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the mad momma said...

she recently gae an interview somewhere admitting that she has crappy taste adn depends on her stylist. i'm guessing even the stylist isnt helping.

Anonymous said...

Hayden looks georgeous.

Rashmi said...

I agree Payal. Preity looks classy but I would've chosen black pumps what say you?

Anonymous said...

Wow Preity. And I Heart the Red shoes ;)

Priyanka Chopra needs HELP!

Anonymous said...

Priety got it bang on target, the new trend (actually 2007), you do not wear matching shoes and bag, so she got it right, she looks great and classy, Priyanka looks like she is wearing a fashion street rip off.

sophia said...

Guys what sunglasses is Preity usually wearing PLEASE HELP ME