Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peer Pressure?

So we don't know if it was peer pressure that got to Usman, but it is kinda weird that Saif gets a tattoo of Kareena'a name, and now we have Usman(Saif's GF's BFF's boyfriend) getting a tattoo of Amrita's name.

Now, we all know that once you get a tattoo, the relationship is doomed! Don't we? ;) But, I am really shocked that grown men like Saif and Usman get that huge of a tattoo on their forearm at this age! Do they not know that this is permanent?? Even plastic surgery will leave some sort of scar to remove it!


love and squalor said...

hmm, I sport a name tattoo myself and for the millionth time it doesn't jinx your relationship, people!
but I've never felt the forearms are a good place for name tattoos especially when they're stand-alone in a very mera-baap-chor-hai style.

Anonymous said...

I mean...both the couples in question are all over each other, all over town anyway...why do we/they need further proof of their togetherness, beats the hell out of me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey you really think these guys got a tattoo to show YOU????? Oh com'on now!!! Dont make me's their freaking hand.. its their gf's name.. I have a tattoo myself.. I didnt get it for others.. I DID IT FOR ME.. so just stop judging these ppl.. get a life !