Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hit Gold!

Malaika has been rather fond of those trio of Gold metallic bangles lately... have spotted her serial-accessorizing with them again n' again just these past few months!

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Anonymous said...

talking of Malaika...I simply hated her outfit at the car launch....back from a Hawaiian holiday?

Anonymous said...

The bangles are fine, Lady Di was famous for wearing her white pearl earings to practically every single Palace function. so thats okay. the car launch outfit is something she probably picked up on one of her trips abroad, probably looked great there (with a bunch of squealing girlfreinds - agreeing and fawning) and just crashed badly at this event, it is afterall something you will wear for barbeque, or an after wedding outdoor party abroad.

the mad momma said...

i like her bangles. but those pants do nothing for her thighs.