Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Butterfly Effect at Paris Fashion Week

While Manish Arora had 1500 glow in the dark butterflies sown into a gown, a model for Mina Perhonen opened show by cutting out fabric from her dress to reveal the the white butterfly company emblem. Alexander McQueen accessorized his outfit with a hat made of butterflies and Andrew GN had simple butterfly prints on his clothes.

Top Left: Andrew GN
Top Right: Alexander McQueen
Bottom Left: Mina Perhonen
Bottom Right: Manish Arora

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One Of The Fifty Must-Haves

There's a new book out, 101 Things To Buy Before You Die, by Charlotte Williamson and Maggie Davis! Of that, The Daily Mail has picked fifty items that no self-respecting millionaire should be without!

An interesting item that made that list, were handbags by Amishi which apparantly are very popular with the Bollywood types and are made with semi-precious stones and such! Take a look at some of them and see what you think...




And to read the rest of the list (Fifty items that no self-respecting millionaire should be without), go HERE

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ms. Fashion Overkill!

That would be Ms Xenia Ali who decided to wear animal print from head to toe! If you are wondering who she is as we were..don't bother researching... it ain't worth your time! We just wanted to profile her as an example of how you can go way wrong with animal prints.

The same shoes and belt on a black sheath dress would have been classic but Ms Ali's choice of clothes just totally killed the look.


Two days in a row!

You get only 3 strikes in baseball. Too bad the rule isn't applicable to Bollywood. In our universe..Ms Dhupia is already on strike two!

First, she shows up at the music launch of Dus Kahaniyaan wearing this god awful dress with the gold colored satin tie back.

Next day, she goes and puts on a satin pink ribbony belt on a shirtdress.(The flower on the shirt dress is not helping her cause either!)


The dress we hear was designed by an in-house designer of the White Feather Films production house but if the same guy helped Neha with the other outfit..the third strike is coming up pretty soon for Ms. Dhupia!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Book Launch Launches Bag'mania..

.. for us anyway!

The book launch in question was the photo-essay book about Sunil and Nargis Dutt written by their daughters Priya and Namrata. As usual, not only were the who's who of Mumbai present but also making an appearance were their bags!

We (Well Heeled and I) couldn't stop "oooh-ing" the uber-expensive Bottega Veneta Lizard clutch carried by Gauri Khan. (Life is really good when you are SRK's wife!)

Buy via Neiman Marcus

We also caught Simi Garewal carrying her favorite, the LV Suhali L'Aimable shoulder bag.

Buy via eLuxury

Finally, the fabulous Neetu Singh-Kapoor carrying the timeless Chanel quilted clutch!

Borrow via BagBorroworSteal


Who Dressed Worse?

Below are pictures of Divya Khosla and Vidya Balan at the Bhool Bhulaiyaa press meet (left and right, respectively) and its hard to judge who was worse off! While Khosla's was downright blinding, gaudy and loud, not that I expected much else, but, Balan's look was just ugly and dated and its unforgivable that she works on looking that way when she has such an old-world, classic, conventional charm that she could use to her advantage!


Whose Fashion Offense Was More Offensive?
Khosla's Fashion In A Funk
Balan's Fashion Faux Pas free polls

Jewels Of The Maharani Of Kapurthala Up For Auction


If you have $200,000 burning a hole in your bank, then, the piece above in emerald, diamond and rock crystal might just be it for you, estimated at just that, and up for auction by Christie's!

Christie's will be auctioning off eight pieces which are all crafted/designed in the Art Deco style of that era and all of which belonged to the Maharani of Kapurthala.

Some serious bling.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jeweled Neckline: Who Did It Better?

Minissha Lamba at the music launch of Dus Kahaaniyan

Simi Garewal at the launch of Dev Anand's autobiography

Source & Source

Padma Lakshmi's Fusion-Chic Style

This picture of Padma Lakshmi's is from a Zac Posen dinner held in November of last year but even though the picture is from the archives, the look is such a classic, I had to write about it!

Its once again about fusing two totally different looks/things and making it work! The Indian jewellery looks spectacular with the plunging neckline of her dress.


And here are some looks that can be teemed with western garb for the same style appeal!

Buy Via Art Karat

Buy Via Sonoor

I hate the cinched, pleating on her dress, its so unflattering but barring that, I love the silver grey of her dress which you know is a big trend for this Fall! And what is unexpected is her orange stole! Not a combination that immediately comes to mind but it totally works!


Breaking News: Koel Puri's Fashion Offense


Whatever happened to an otherwise stunning Koel Puri at the press conference of 'Breaking News'? She wore a trashy crochet number, fugly pink plastic'y shoes with flowers on them and black nailpaint on her toes! And then there were black bangles on one hand, copper on another, a silver ring on one hand and a red one on the other!! Jeeez!

But seriously, those shoes??!!??!


Ash And Lanvin

Remember we told you about Aishwarya being styled very trendily for the Pink Panther sequel sometime ago HERE ? There was the Yossi Harari Cuff and those gorgeous Louboutins!

It was the clutch though that stumped us! Until now, of course!


And the clutch itself in question? Well, its a Lanvin Suede Mini Jeanne, retailing for about $1160.00!!

Buy Via Barneys

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shekhar Kapur @ Elizabeth Premiere

Mr Kapur either really loves this outfit or he just can't afford anymore clothes after the filming of Elizabeth-The Golden Age.

Here he is at the premiere of "Elizabeth-The Golden Age" last night in New York.

Now look at what he is wearing to the press conference of the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival held a few weeks ago.

We still like him because he is one of the few people who always wears traditional to every event.

Photo Source: Getty Images

Chloé Kerala

Chloé has a new bag out, the Chloé Kerala leather shoulder bag and it looks pretty good! It has a nice yellow'ish leather, the shoulder straps look comfortable and the gold hardware is pretty much the standard Chloé fare. While I like the bag, its shape etc, I could do without the equestrian themed charms! And the whole Kerala reference zoomed past me...

Buy Via Net-A-Porter

Monday, October 1, 2007

Angie's Pashmina!

If you have been eyeing Angelina's green shawl and wondering how to get your hands on one, you have stumbled onto the right place!

This picture above is a classic example of how a great colored shawl can transform an outfit from casual to chic!

A shawl is much bigger than a stole and can easily substitute for a light jacket. I, personally, prefer to wear shawls cuz you can remove them easily. Jackets make me feel stuffy not to mention the constant headache of putting them on and taking them off. A good pashmina is a great substitute for a light jacket during fall.

Stay warm and toasty ladies with these great options!

Buy via Amazon

Buy via The Pashmina Store

P.S. You do not have to stick with green. There are many colors to choose from, so go ahead start your own color trend!

Malaika Does It Again!


Spotted Malaika Arora Khan in Bebe, AGAIN! She was dressed in a Bebe crinkle silk halter dress at Mid-Day's 'Zing' launch.

How does she wear the same label, from the same collection to three events consecutively? This is getting ridiculous! Someone, please point her to a Mall. And blindfold her when passing by the Bebe store!

Buy Via Bebe

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paris Fashion Week: Manish Arora

Wow! Paris Fashion truly started with a bang! As quirky as this collection is, it truely is loveable!

A butterfly gown with 1500 multi-colored glow in the dark butterflies. Hand mudras on a shirt! Multi-colored hearts on a jacket. And that shoe!!

So whimsical but still loved it! Simply loved it!

Photo credit: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images

Image Source: Getty Images

Suneet Varma's Celebratory Fashion Show

Suneet Varma celebrated 21 years in fashion with a celebratory ball and fashion show and I must say I was really disappointed. Dominated by cutwork embroidery and mettalic hues, the collection was such a letdown.

I had so hoped to be blown away, considering the collection he presented at India Splendor back in August was so vibrant and regal! I gotta say it.. I totally hated it!

For more pics, go here