Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kareena In Pucci

At the HT Cafe Awards, Kareena was spotted wearing an Emilio Pucci Love Print Dress. She also picked up Best Actress Award for Jab We Met.

You can buy this dress from E-Luxury for only $359 since its on sale! The retail price used to be $1190.

Buy via ELuxury


Black Magic Women

While Tanushree has got it right, Koena is a major disaster at the photo shoot for Gitanjali. The gladiator shoes, the bad nose job, the outfit! Poor Koena!


Amrita's Dress MPD

We wonder if the designer of Amrita's dress, wanted to capture a little bit of Amrita in the dress. Starting out goody goody(on the top) and then trying to be sexy below?(except that it's more crazy!)

Also isn't net reserved only for prom dresses or little girls' birthday dresses??


Too Much In Sync?

That's what happens when you've been dating that long! You begin to dress alike too!

Kinetic Flyte Launch

Universal Prestige Cup Inauguration


Drumroll Please!

The official answers to the first contest were:

1. Name that Indian label of jewellery that we have spotted Halle Berry in.

2. Beyonce wore which Indian designer at her concert in India?
Rocky S

3. Name the costume designer of Sawaariya.
Anuradha Vakil

4. Name the first celebrity whose styling we dissed on this blog.
Kareena Kapoor. But, since it was the first contest and the question wasn't clear, we did accept Sarah Jessica Parker and Rani Mukherjee! Yeay!.

5. Which label of clothing has Malaika Arora Khan been most spotted in, on this blog?

....And the winner is.....Aishwarya!!(Not the actress, of course!!) I will be sending you an email soon asking for your address! Congrats and we hope you enjoy the clutch!

Thanks to everyone for participating! We appreciate you visiting our site. Keep coming back. Also, Worry Not! We will have another contest soon!

Ramp Face Off

Who is your favorite on the ramp at the Manish Malhotra Winter 2007 Fashion Show held in Delhi?

Comparing their debuts, Karishma who was way behind definitely takes this round!

Kaho Na Pyar Hai

Prem Qaidi


Friday, December 28, 2007

It's All In The Family?

If you thought that the armlets sported by Kajol and Tanisha were a fashion statement, you are quite mistaken. The sisters have actually turned to gems for luck. (Well, Tanisha needs it big time, why does Kajol?)

Anyhoo, while others wear gems on their fingers (like the big bachchan), the girls have stuck to wearing it on their arms.

But, look who else has now started following them too! Now you know why we said, it's all in the family! ;)

Source and Source

Less Is Not Always More..

Especially not when it comes to a length of a dress and a classic example of that is Tanushree in this grey sequined mini. This outfit would have looked much more elegant if it was a floor length gown. Not a fan of the bright red nails either. Way too vampy.

Only one happy to see Tanushree seems to be the kid whose exhibition she was attending. We wonder why? The mini wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it? ;)

And We Are Back To Square One!

Yep. That ugly green dress was back on Amrita Rao on the sets of Jhoom India. I am not sure at this point what I hate most, the (vivaah palm on palm type) pose or the dress!

Jhoom India

ITA Awards


Last Day!

..We at High Heel Confidential have an absolutely fabulous giveaway for all you fabulous readers of ours..

All you have to do is answer these five questions and shoot us an email...and we'll randomly pick the winner from the right answers. The contest ends tonite, 28th Dec, midnight, central time and is open only to U.S residents. (Sorry!)

The questions you have to answer are:

1. Name that Indian label of jewellery that we have spotted Halle Berry in.
2. Beyonce wore which Indian designer at her concert in India?
3. Name the costume designer of Sawaariya.
4. Name the first celebrity whose styling we dissed on this blog.
5. Which label of clothing has Malaika Arora Khan been most spotted in, on this blog?

Mail us your answers at highheel[dot]confidential[at]gmail[dot]com
Only one entry per person please!

If you answer the questions correctly, you could win.. this uber glam clutch from Bea Accessories that is sure to liven up any party-going outfit of yours!

All answers can be found on this blog. That sure should make this easy!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007


JJ Vallaya has got us wondering whether he is to blame for Shekhar's numerous appearances in the same jacket.

Source and Source

Guess Who?

We asked her to hire a stylist! And she kinda listened to us, we thinks!


Urmila Can Hard(l)y Pull It Off!

At the Ed Hardy launch in Delhi, Urmila tried very hard to pull off the "I am cool" look! But her in Ed Hardy was more like oil on water. It just don't mix. No matter how much she pouts or sucks in her cheeks! She just can't pull this look off! Amrita and Sophie were fans of the brand way before Ed Hardy came to India. I wonder if Urmila even knew what it was until she was asked to walk for em.

For more pics, go here


Kareena: A Designer?

Here's what we heard:

"Kareena will be designing for a chain that she endorses."


I am thinking it is going to be for Globus?

Now, all we gotta do is wait and watch!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Raima: A Designer's Darling

For J J Vallaya @ Gitanjali Style Fest

For Manish Malhotra @ LIFW Spring '08

For Archana Kochchar Bridal Collection

For Narendra Kumar @ LFW Winter '06

For Sabyasachi @ LIFW Spring '07

Source, Source and Source

Mommy Face Off

Perizaad in Neeta Lulla

Mahima in Shobha De


Vida In Neeta Lulla

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Victoria Beckham was sent a turkey stuffed with skincare products by Dr. Neetu Nirdosh and is majorly miffed!

Don't blame the gal! Who would ever want to put something on their face that's seen the insides of a turkey! And after seeing Dr. Nirdosh, I don't think I am taking any advice from her any time soon! (The makeup is sure to cause plenty of skin issues right there!)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This Is Tough!

I went to watch Welcome past weekend! And I love Malaika! She is smokin hot! If I had a baby and still looked as hot as her, I would thank the Lord!

But. But. But. I also got to see Malaika's major stretch marks when she showed up during the "Hoth Rasiley" song. And... that was weird!

Now, Malaika being Malaika has enough sex appeal that she don't need her outfit to be that low to where its revealing her stretch marks. So I am a little perturbed. She(for benefit of her doubt) either didn't realize that the stretch marks were showing or she was trying to show 'em off(that's what my friends are saying that she was trying)!

Anyhoo, the tough part is that, as mommies, is it okay to show it off, or are some things better hidden?

Well, we all pretty much agree that as mommies, it is perfectly okay to show em off!

Another question is whether for actors, is it okay to show em off??

(I did add the promo here, but you won't be able to see the marks.)


Two For One (Es)Special!

Would Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra ever share an actress walking in their creations on the same day! HECK NO!! A long ways to go for Nandita and Rahul Khanna n Rohit Gandhi!

Neha for Nandita Mahtani

Neha for Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi

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Aaja Nachle Hangover

Madhuri's made blue and black look soo good that Maria has caught on to it.

That's a revival for black and blue, that featured both in Vikram Phadnis' and Manish Malhotra's collection back in 2006. Gotta wait and see who else is gonna wear the combo!

Source, Source, and Source

Gauri (Un) Covered

Jenny Packham Fall 2007

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 2007

La Perla Fall 2007

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Satya Paul's Pop Art

Satya Paul's latest collection reminds me a lot of Manish Arora. Let's put it this way, if Manish designed sari's then this might be what they would look like and maybe a little better. Still, Paul's collection has it funny moments with the Oogle sari that features a browser and the address bar pointing to his online store.