Saturday, April 26, 2008


The last time someone sported a tan at the red carpet, they were quite a disaster!

Thankfully, Kareena did better and stayed away from a bright color at the Zee Cine Awards red carpet! Except, she could have gone for a better dress than this ruched jersey number... What say?

P.S. I know they were in Maldives, but can you really get that orange under the sun!??


Verry Nalannda Or Very Marchesa?

Is it me or is Raveena's anarkali "bheri" similar to a certain design that already was ripped off by a certain designer?

Raveena Tandon

Nalandda Bhandari Spring Summer 2008

Marchesa Spring Summer 2008

A Whole Lotta "WTHeyys".. the Zee Cine Awards Red Carpet!

From showing innerwear to "OD"ing on metallic, we can't decide who was the worst on this red carpet!

Anupama Verma

Pooja Batra

Lara Dutta

Sophie Chaudhary



In Love With Leiber!

Two major back to back events and we saw Shilpa carry two different Leiber clutches to them. While, at the first one her clutch seemed to disappear in that printed dress, this time it sure didn't!

Someone been reading this blog, you think?

Zee Cine Awards 2008

Hello Magazine 1st Anniversary party

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Trying Soha(rd)! But Just Ain't Working!

Trading satins for an ill-fitted blazer doesn't make you well dressed! Especially, when you wear it with too short denims and way too matchy boots!

Can someone pass on the message to Soha! Please..Please..Please!

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Too Much Of A Good Thing?

We already saw Roohi wearing a Gucci skirt from the Resort 2008 collection. But, I was really surprised to see her in another Gucci dress from the same collection.

While, both are great pieces, the question is that given a choice and all the money, would you buy more than one piece from the same collection or rather diversify??

Roohi Jaikishen

Gucci Resort 2008

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Caption This!

If there was a thought bubble over Hema, what do you think it would say as she stares at Mallika's itsy bitsy dress!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Her Closet: Nisha Jhaveri

We spotted Nisha Javeri wearing a Just Cavalli Dahlia Floral Gown to Hello Magazine's first anniversary party.

Compared to Shilpa's printed gown, how does this one fare?

Nisha Jhaveri @ Hello Magazine Party

Just Cavalli Dahlia Floral Gown

Buy via eLUXURY


Guess Who?

Which siblings love to bare the skin on their backs?

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In Her Shoes..

..if u were, you'd be wearing a pair of yummy Yves Saint Laurent Suede Tribute Heels.

Thankfully, you aren't, cuz otherwise you would also be wearing this awful dress that would have made you look top AND bottom heavy! ;)

Natasha @ Swarovski "Runway Rocks"

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

Not in this woman's case! Sonali either has never heard the phrase before or just doesn't damn care or just doesn't get it! How else can someone repeat the same mistake yet again!

Well, she is still at it. But this time, thankfully, there wasn't much to see unlike the last time!


And Good Ol' Bag Spotting...

Don't care for either of the bags... but different folks, different strokes?

Amrita Arora

Buy The Gucci 'Indy' Via Gucci

Shaheen Abbas

Buy The Dior Patent Gaucho Via Neiman Marcus

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Some Of That Clutch Spotting...

Sonia Garware has those good days and then once in a while, totally falls off the wagon... that dress!! But can't fault the accessories...

Sonia Garware

Buy The Bottega Veneta Lizard Clutch Via Neiman Marcus

Oversized clutches are the trend but as far as this particular one goes, don't care for it at all...

Laila Khan Rajpal

Buy The Jimmy Choo Marin Zebra Clutch Via Net-A-Porter

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Reading The Not So Fine Print...

Either, its the plain dresses with jewelled accents or these 'overdose-of-print' dresses... why, oh why can't she reach a happy medium!?!

At the Hello magazine anniversary party, we also noticed that she was carrying a vintage Judith Leiber Rose Minaudiere but with that dress, how could anyone notice anything?

At Her Perfume Launch

At Hello Magazine Anniversary Party

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fab Or Drab?

Spotted Avanti Birla in a white cowl-necked sheath dress that she accessorized with Alexander McQueen Spring 2007 shoes and a Fendi clutch. While I liked the fact that since her shoes were so over the top, she kept every thing else basic and minimal, I do wish she chose a dress that was more flattering and not so form-less...

Whats your verdict? Fab or Drab?


Would You Believe It?

If I told you that this atrocious outfit was actually designed specially for Celina by a certain "Rohit Chatturvedi".

For his sake, I hope he is just her regular tailor and not a wannabe designer, cuz if this is what he does, he don't have a bright future in the bizness at all!



Who wore this black number better? Priyanka or Rita?

Rita @ "Hello" First Anniversary Party

Priyanka @ Ensemble Celebration

Edit: Oops. A case of mistaken identity. Its Rita Dhody! Thanks everyone!

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They Do That Too!

.. and by that we mean that designers also wear creations made by their colleagues.

We saw Anna wearing a Shane & Falguni to the Swarovski "Runway Rocks" show and Sabina wearing a Sabyasachi to Hello Magazine's first anniversary event.

Anna Singh in Shane & Falguni Peacock

Sabina Chopra in Sabyasachi

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Off The Runway: Anahita In Ranna Gill

Anahita @ Swarovski "Runway Rocks" Show

Ranna Gill Spring 2008

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A Summer Of Style

What do you all think of the little that we see of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla's latest collection, 'Summer of Style' ?

We know, the Bachchan women will be sporting em', but hopefully a certain Ms. Balan will have better pickings this time?!!?



You guys asked about Sonia's dress and we found it! :)

Sonia Garware was wearing a Milly Margot Lace dress at a recent event. I don't normally like anything too lace'y but I quite like this Victorian vibe'd lace dress... Its ultra feminine and with right accessories can be quite glam and contemporary!

Buy MILLY Margot Lace Dress Via Net-A-Porter