Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ok Ok...

We know they are in loooove, but do Abhi and Aishwarya really have to dress alike now! I hate it when me and the BF end up in same colors.. I make sure HE changes!


Oh No She Didn't!

It's only been a week and Mona Singh already repeated her outfit. Now, that in our world is a big big offense!

Above: Mona Singh @ Indian Telly Awards 2007
Below: Mona Singh @ Saawariya Premiere

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Spotlight: Kundalini

How beautiful are these contemporary suspension lamps from Kundalini? Laser-cut plexiglass lamps, which also happen to come in different colored diffusers are a great touch to a contemporary living setting! For more information on how you can buy, go Here!

Sama Ceiling: Source

Padma Ceiling: Source

Shakti Sky: Source

Debuting At Number Bleh


And thats how Sonam Kapoor turned out to celebrate Children's Day. Nice, but that dress? She needs to fire her stylist. Pronto.

Thats a print I'd expect on a wall, in an off-the-way old English bed and breakfast. Even then, I wouldn't stay.

(Art)fully Done Jewellery


Poonam Soni as a jewellery designer has set many a milestone and now added another feather in an already much crowded hat! Her jewellery line called 'Monochromes' (that features art-work of Laxman Shreshtha) has just been featured in the limited edition Italian book, 'Trends For Jewellery Forecast 2009' and is being called the first of its kind in the world! No small honor when you consider the fact that brands like Tiffany, Cartier and Bulgari are also featured in the book!

'Society' magazine mentions that only eight pieces of 'Monochromes' will be put up for private viewing and sale this month.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ash's Bridal Fever..

The wedding has been over for a while...the honeymoon also has been over for a while.. heck... even the festive season is pretty much over? Right??

Well, then, why is Aishwarya still wearing these bright red and gold saris?? Is it because she never wore red at her wedding? Or is she trying to be more and more "bong" to feel closer to ma-in-law?

Above: Inaugural funtion of Kala Jagatthu Chinnara Bimba's fifth anniversary.
Below: Diwali Function

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Judge and You Will Be Judged!

Is it fair to the contestants of the Garnier Best Dressed Contest to be judged by Kim Sharma? Kim, who herself showed up in this awful strapless outfit.

As if the hodgepodge of the piping and prints on the bustier wasn't enough, the quilted lines patterns on the skirt is totally making me dizzy! Look's like the Garnier marketing team's budget is a little tight these days!


Sharon's Shawl Style

Sharon Stone was dressed (almost) to the nines a couple of days ago. Silver Cocktail Dress. Silver pumps. A Silver Clutch. And contrasting that outfit beautifully, the hot pink embroidered shawl!

But, we did say "almost", didn't we? Well, the choice to match the shawl with the panty hose was really something she could have passed..


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Really Tough Question!

What is Vidya Balan's favorite color?!.. and the clock starts now!!!

Halla Bol Press Meet

Saawariya Premiere

SaReGaMa Finals

Jewelry Launch

Nach Baliye
Bhool Bhulaiya Press Meet

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Tanya's Metallic Disaster..

We are hoping that Tanya Abrol wasn't trying to mimic Bipasha by wearing this metallic outfit. Either ways, looked bad on Bips, and as you can see, looks worse on Tanya!

Above: Tanya @ Management Institute Event
Below: Bipasha @ Femina's Special Issue Release

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I Want Me Some Isharya

Started by two moms(Radhika and Gauri), "Isharya" is a jewelry line that is quietly taking Hollywood by storm and rightfully so. Besides featuring a fabulous collection of colorful ethnic jewelry, they also offer customized designs based on your budget and preferences.

Now even though they say that the prices they offer are "amazing", some of these pieces can put a dent in your wallet. But the pieces are so cute, that like me,you sure will be tempted to buy! (Get em soon! I noticed they already raised the price of the filigree cuff from $170 to $240 due to the rising gold prices!)

Buy the Filigree Cuff via Isharya

Buy the Enamel Charm Necklace via Isharya

Buy the Kundan Wood ring via Isharya

Buy the Moonbali Pearl Earrings via Isharya

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Snap Out Of It, Soha!

Soha @ Khoya Khoya Chand Music Launch

Soha @ Saawariya Premiere

We are so tired of seeing you in that boring "old school" hair style with the awful bangs..and the tacky saris! And here we were thinking that it might be the after effects of working for a movie based on the 50's era, but lo and behold, guess what we found!

It's you!.. wearing the same sari to the "Pyaar Mein Twist" premiere back in 2005!

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Will The Real "Anarkali" Please Stand Up!

Wow, we posted about the Anarkali trend a few days ago, and over the week we saw it almost everywhere and on everyone! Ms Matondkar herself was in the same silhouette three times in a row..

Sridevi @ Ekta Kapoor's Diwali Party

Urmila @ Ekta Kapoor's Diwali Party

Gauhar @ Saawariya Premiere

Rakshanda @ Saawariya Premiere

Urmila @ Saawariya Premiere

Deepika @ Om Shanti Om Photocall

Lara Dutta @ Saawariya Premiere

Urmila @ Diwali Show

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Don't Worry Sonali..

If you are still recovering from the debacle that happened.. Here is something to make you feel better..

What happened is not the worst that could happen, because it already happened to Alexandra Kerry at the Cannes Film Festival 2004. Can you imagine being the daughter of John Kerry and then have pictures like this taken right in the middle of a presidential campaign!

And, now that you are feeling better after looking at Alexandra, here is Sharon Stone who also fell prey to the ruthless camera flashes..

Hopefully, you have learned a time you wear black, make sure you stand in front of the mirror and take a million pictures before stepping out!

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