Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Black And White FaceOff!

Both Sameera and Tanisha decided to go with black and white, floral motifs for their outfits at the 'One Two Three' music launch. Who worked her outfit better?

Sameera Reddy




love and squalor said...

erm, the lesser evil? sameera. yeah, I don't get white pants either, thanks to watchin my grandpa wear them every other day for ages.
but sameera, seriously needs to lose the extensions which I suspect she's wearing and discover a hair styling option that does not involve sparrows running wild on her head.

the mad momma said...

umm.. is it okay for me to say neither? i dont know what they do anymore. do they have jobs?! why are they stil in the news as such.

Anonymous said...

Neither! Sameera needs to lose weight.

Rashmi said...

I like Tanisha's tunic but the tube top inside the tunic makes it look bad...I think she's obsessed with Tube tops eh?

As for Sameera, the dress is nice but the shoes don't go well with it.

Anonymous said...

neither.. both look awful

siropdevanille said...

Hahahahahha! Seriously?! You want to know who is "better"?!!? SERIOUSLY! YUCK.

Priyanka said...

So it still is undecided..who IS the lesser evil?

I agree with the consensus though, both are so 'wrong'.

Sameera is trying to channel Bardot with that hair, pucker and pose and only seems to have crossed paths with another tranny vision! So 'drag-queen' of her! And am just sick of Tanisha's d├ęcolletage being thrust on our faces. Again and again. Enough already!

Tee said...

Ok those sandals Sameera is wearing needs to go.. She's been wearing for a while now and it isn't flattering!!

Maybe lotion up her legs and toes once in while!

In keeping with the post, I like Tanish'a tunic but not the tube top inside.

Manisha said...

ok these outfits both are all wrong. sameera is a but TOO curvy for this dress and her footwear is hideous. tanishas tunic is nice, but a plainer black tank top inside would be nicer. the white pants are kinda drab too... 3/4th length black tights would make for a better combination with her tunic.

Anonymous said...

guys...why does Sameera always look so BIG? everything about her is just screamin for attention...and just plain BIG?

i don't much care for Tanisha's dress sense either...but hey, at least she's covered in this one...saves me from having to scream out "what ur undies!!"