Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sonam Kapoor Wearing Anuradha Vakil

Sonam Kapoor made another public appearance at the Amul Star Voice of India wearing (no points for guessing!) an Anuradha Vakil outfit.


Below is the original outfit presented at the 2003 Lakme Fashion week. I am quite surprised that Ms Vakil would choose an outfit for Sonam from such an old collection.


Shilpa Shetty At A Dom Event

Here's Shilpa Shetty in Paris, at the unveiling of the Dom Pérignon Oenotheque 1993, dressed in a Tarun Tahiliani dress.


I can't say much except the fact that I absolutely hate the dress. Its so tacky. And the same old jewelled accent that Tahiliani has been doing for ages now. You think he'll ever get over it?

Doorway To Nostalgia

I get nostalgic pretty easily.. sometimes its a rainy evening or a whiff of a perfume, sometimes, something I've eaten, or a rarely spoken phrase, sometimes its a song and sometimes a scene from a could be a mail, a call, a card, a letter.. and then sometimes, its furniture..

Well, with furniture that has never actually happened before, but when I saw this by Haldane Martin, it took me back to days that can only be categorized as, 'way-back-when', to my grandfather's house where furniture like this was all over the place!

Atleast the chair anyway! Y'all know what am talking about?


Not all of his collection got me nostalgic though! Some of these pieces are really contemporary, modern and very, very minimal! And, really pretty cool.


Whether inciting nostalgia, or vibing 'futuristic', the furniture sure had a way of transporting you to a different time and place! Definitely worth a dekho.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rohit Bal for British Airways

British Airways recently unveiled the new cabin crew uniforms designed by Rohit Bal. The uniforms will be worn by air hostesses on flights in the South Asian routes. Besides the traditional sari, the collection has sherwanis and kurtas for the women.

I like the piped lining on the sari blouses and kurtas, but, the red, white and blue graphic print on the outfits is so boring. I wish Bal had chosen a more indian motif.

I am surprised there was nothing for the men...Do they still have to wear suits? Would have been nice to have them in Sherwanis too! ;)

Style A Stole

Buy Via Saks
Buy Via Saks

Probably the best thing about Fall is how change effortlessly creeps up on you, and suddenly, you notice a nip in the air and a chilly shiver on your shoulder on a quiet evening... And while the still evening puts a blush on one's cheek, nothing says elegant better than a demure stole wrapped around a lady to compliment the weather and her temperament!

Buy Via Neiman Marcus

A paisely scarf/stole is easily a staple that remains a classic and timeless must-have that you can't go wrong with! The pictures that I have posted, are of Loro Piana (at Neiman Marcus) and Etro (at Saks) and needless to say, they are definitely pricey! But hey, if one were to look, you can always find the look for less!

Considering it is such a wardrobe staple, you should pick a stole that is in your budget, and trust me, there is one for everyone!

Are you Fall ready?

Glass+Wood= Impeccable Style


I absolutely loved the collection/work of this young Swedish designer called, Karl-Oskar Karlsson who used a combination of glass and wood to make these stunning vases. And how fabulous is that flute?

Meet Me And Ro

Me&Ro is a New York based jewellery company that uses art and design to express human values and to not only add to one's personal style but also to communicate the said style through its jewellery pieces. The general aesthetic of the line remains subtle and simple.

Buy The Bhakti Earrings Via Me&Ro
Buy The Abhaya Earrings Via Me&Ro

Brown Diamonds, Rubies, Multi-Color Sapphires, Rare Antique Tibetan Coral, Andalusite, Brazilian Opals, Semi-precious Turquoise, Lapis, Rutilated Quartz stones are some of the materials used, which all add to the charm of Me&Ro jewellery!

All of their stones are individually set by hand and all of their jewellery is either cast in silver, gold or platinum, and the best part is, they aren't ever overtly bulky or heavy in weight or design but still retain the strength of beautifully crafted jewellery!

Buy The Bhagwad Gita Chain Via Me&Ro
Buy The Om Chain Via Me&Ro

While still on the expensive side, these pieces are unqiue, quirky and just a bit special!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

NY Fashion Week: Naeem Khan

Ok.. This post is really late..and if you consider a fashion timeline...this is six months too late..(Even though NYFW was just a few week ago!)

Naeem Khan's Spring 2008 collection was part of the NY Fashion Week and every piece, I thought, was just fabulous. Young or old, funky or chic, you are definitely going to find a piece that you will love love love!

For more pics, go here

Hello Paris!

I love an unusual find, like this glamorous lamp. Its so quirky and fun! Eiffel tower never looked this good.


But the bag that Sarah Jessica Parker was carrying while shooting for Sex And The City movie took it a little too far! Its Eiffel'esque too, but in a sad, not-working-at-all sort of way!


Not all that is quirky works.

Meet Malaika Bebe-Arora-Choo-Khan

If anyone from Bebe is reading this blog, YOU have a brand ambassador in Ms. Malaika Arora Khan. This time, Malaika paired a Bebe Silk top with black capris. She stuck to gold accessories, but this time around, the watch is gold too! (Looks like she read my last post!)

For more pics, go here

Buy via Bebe

Speaking of the clutch, Malaika really loves her Jimmy Choo Tayten Clutch. Don't blame her. Just want to get my hands on one!

It's a bummer though...the gold Taytan isn't available anymore. But I did find this Choo Ciggy pretty tempting!

Buy via Jimmy Choo

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cinch It With Fendi


Thats Nandita Mahtani at Bollywood Mischief which opened its doors recently in Bandra! I loved how the belt absolutely pops, and takes the outfit to a whole new level, which otherwise was quite neutral and boring!

The belt in question? Its a Fendi Large B Buckle Belt and seems quite popular with the celebs!

Buy Via Net-A-Porter

Earlier this year, I spotted Preity Zinta sporting the Fendi belt too...


While Nandita's look was brunch-chic, Preity's was more cocktail-chic! Who do you think wore it better?

In Comparison


I think Gauri and Nainika did such a wonderful job with the dress that Bipasha wore for the Vogue India launch party! It is Grecian, retro, geometrical and totally works for Bipasha! On the right, is the similar dress they did for their Spring 2008 collection during Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.


On the left, the picture is of Priya Tanna, the editor of Vogue India, at the Vogue India launch party. I love the color of the dress, but if the said dress is actually working for her, now, thats a verdict you'll have to make! Am not sure who made her dress but it is remarkably similar to the dress that Elisha W did for her Spring 2008 collection during Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bips In Booties!

Ms Bipasha is already way ahead of the trend in place (Read: Booties are IN!!), rocking in a pair of booties while attending the Vogue-Olay brunch.


And if you are wondering how to find one for yourself, here are some options for y'all to rock this fall! Go ahead..feast your eyes and pamper your feet!

Buy via Nordstorm

Buy via Neiman Marcus

Buy via Neiman Marcus