Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. Jekyll and Ms Hyde?

We seem to think that Ms Simone Singh definitely suffers from multiple personality disorder. How else can you explain this drastic choice for an outfit that she wore to the EDIDA Decor Awards?

Really, how do you go from looking so glamorous to trashy within a week!

For The Asiaphiles

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If you are looking for coffee table books for purely decorative purposes or for beautiful illustrations that can provide some inspiring design ideas.. then these two books might just be what you are looking for! While the first one fuses two different styles for one contemporary look, the second one provides enough ideas and resources to become a must-have for collectors!

Read on.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vidya does it again..

Somebody tell Ms. Balan to just wear classic denims with a white shirt. That is so much better than this black on black trend she has been following for a while now!


A Fashionably Shallow Rhyme

Prada and Gucci
A colorful tunic of Emilio Pucci
On a night so Winston bright
Ostrich on a Luis Vuitton monogram, finally done right!

I raise my Martini, to a toast
In a Cavalli dress, sex appeal at its most
In shiney Loubotins, naughty and nice
Make that a peep-toe, a lil' less sugar, mo' spice!

Purple, the color du jour
Yves Saint Laurent, its Tribute, chic for sure
Exotics happen to be all the rage
Enough to make a sage a sinner, a sinner, a sage.

Greys, no longer dismal and sad
Bring in the patent baby, its Rock n' Roll chic, with a dash of bad
Get the star appeal, hide behind shades oversized
Tom Ford Whitney or Shelby helps you get glamorized!

A crave, A lust
A Birkin for every fashionista, a must
Bottega too makes that list
In a style thats a classic or with a modern day twist!

Dreams in Chanel tinted hue
If only magic wands came with me and you
Yes the rhyme rather sucks, but that, the point, was not
Its just for fun, don't let the poetic licenses get you in a knot
For now, its time to wrap it up, snap out
Its good to be a realist, but oh-so-hard to be a fashion devout!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What can ruin a perfectly cute pink dress. You got it. A bra that is not supposed to be seen! And what's worse than that.. when its a black bra under a light colored cloth. That is the blunder that Gul Panag made while wearing this pink sheath dress.

So.. you want to wear a great dress but the straps are narrow, what do you do?

For starters, wear a strapless bra. Your best bet is a nude color because you can wear it under light or dark colored clothes.

Buy via Victoria's Secret

If a strapless does not support you well enough, then get some double sided tape to stick the bra straps to the dress. That way even if you move, your bra won't get a mind of its own and make an appearance!

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There it is.. my good deed for the day! Now you can worry about one less thing when you are getting dressed the next time..

Be'jewelled: Get The Look

If you haven't noticed, necklines embellished with jewelled accents are all over the place and while its a look lot of people seem to crave, its not entirely easy on the pocket and neither does its fate lie decided over the next fashion season or two as far as its longevity is concerned!

So here's a way you can make that look work for you! If its Simi's look you need and want, just pin a pretty kundan 'maang tikka', or any gemstone (of your preference) 'maang tikka' onto the neckline! If its a more understated look, like Minissha's, you crave after, then all you have to do is pin an elegant brooch on that neckline. One screams for attention, another makes a demure point, either way, its a great way to make a statement for now!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Imitation, Best Form Of Flattery?

Imitation has never escaped the fashion industry but then there has always been a line to draw between that which draws inspiration and that which only imitates!

Inspired nuances are good for the budget shoppers because it gives them a way to get a particular look without having to break the bank...

Below, is a Miu Miu bag on the left and a Steve Madden tote on the right. Quite similar but not identical.

Buy Miu MiuCoffer Bag Via Net-A-Porter (Left)
Buy Tote Via Steve Madden (Right)

But then look at these two clutches. At a glance, they are absolutely identical! The Valentino Satin Bow clutch has been very popular with A-listers this season but priced at $750.00, it does come at a hefty price! Imagine my surprise when I found the exact identical clutch at Steve Madden for a mere $38.00!!

Buy Valentino Clutch Via Neiman Marcus (Left)
Buy Bjuliet Clutch Via Steve Madden (Right)

My question to you is this: Knowing that an identical original exists, will you still go for the cheaper, 'inspired' one? Or would you rather find an original at whatever price range it is that you are shopping in?

Spotted: Aditi Govitrikar

We spotted Aditi Govitrikar wearing a Manish Malhotra outfit to Roopa Vohra's breast cancer awareness event. No clue as to why Aditi was so overdressed to the event, but we do know that the outfit is from Manish Malhotra's Bridal Collection that he presented a few months ago..

Source and Source

Also spotted was Neha Dhupia wearing this ridiculously ugly outfit!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pardon Us, We Converted!

If you have read this blog long enough, you'd know that nothing puts us off more than excessive monogrammed anything, especially bags! And Louis Vuitton always made that list, because, for some reason, we could never figure out why everyone insisted on carrying the boring brown monogram when there were better bags out there, including some from Louis Vuitton itself!

Imagine our surprise when we saw the Louis Vutton Spring 2008 Ready-To-Wear Collection! Marc Jacobs absolutely went to town with it! Talking of the bags, they were quirky, colorful and so over the top!


Am sure the Vuitton purists considered this, no less than a sacrilege but since we were never too big on the brown monogram, it didn't take us long to be gushing over the kitschy, oh-so-fun bags! The Ostrich (below, left) is gorgeous and look at the difference those ombré handles make on that white, multi-colored monogram bag (below,right)!!


Hoorah to the retro-psychedelia!! These could easily be our favorites...


And, this, definately a front-runner as far as favorites go! So much so that Chamiya longed to pre-order hers! I predict many a young starlet sporting this arm-candy come Spring next year! It is trendy, summery and all things nice!


The show had a vibe that was new and fresh and we loved its irreverent nod to the monogrammed bags! Call it creative genius or commercial hara-kiri, but from us, it gets a big thumbs-up!


The Rangoli Collection

The Conran store in Manhattan is showcasing exclusive home goods by fourteen designers from the Indian sub-continent from the September 25th to October 28th.

One of the featured designers are Abraham and Thakore whose graphic design cushion covers are fabulous!


If you happen to be in the area, give it a see!

A "Regal" Simone..

at the Chivas Regal Fashion party..

Love the switch from colorful blue to sexy black. Me thinks the opaque panty hose could have been given a miss.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Paris Fashion Week: Anamika

At first glance, Anamika Khanna's show seems more like a showcase for jewelry rather than clothes which is why I cannot seem to pinpoint if I like the clothes or not. The gorgeous Kundan necklaces have just totally distracted me!