Saturday, March 8, 2008

From The Archives

Being that it is a slow news day, here is some more from the archives.

Here is a classic case of where the outfit looks great on the model. The dress is too long for Bipasha as you can see by the way it sits on the floor. I am guessing, she chose in a hurry and so they didn't have time to tailor it to her height.

Love it on the model..

Gucci Fall 2007

Bipasha Basu @ Gucci Launch


Ahoy Mate!

While both Kangana and Kajol wore the same striped V neck Tee, Kajol wore hers with white denims and Kangana with dark ones.

Which "sailor" is your favorite?


The Right Outfit. The Wrong Hair.

While I loved, loved, loved Rani's outfit, I am a little dissappointed at her new hair style. Am guessing the new haido is because of a movie role and hopefully temporary! It just doesn't suit her!


From The Archives

Continuing 'From The Archives' refrain...

Looks like Shilpa Shetty didn't escape the shutterbugs catching her repeat outfits a time or two...

We aren't complaining, we love fodder like this!

At Special Screening Of Cash


Promoting 'Life In A Metro' In Australia

Visiting The Sidhivinayak Temple


Friday, March 7, 2008

Rick Roy: Designer Or Darzi?

Does Rick Roy know the difference between a designer and a darzi. A designer creates original pieces, a darzi merely copies a designer's pieces and can throw in some changes.

Looking at his work, what do you think should be Rick Roy's correct title?

"Designer" or "Darzi"?

Valentino Fall 2006

Kangana @ 53rd Filmfare Awards

Valentino Spring 2008

Kangana @ SET Stardust Awards 2008

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Spotted Anika Noni Rose attending the 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' Broadway opening night in a Naeem Khan Spring 08 dress!

Anika Noni Rose

Naeem Khan Spring 2008

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Again n Again!

It was about time we caught Priyanka repeating an outfit. This time, she wore her white embroidered salwar kameez to the inauguration of the 16th Annual Conference of Indian National Association for Study of Liver(INSAL).

Priyanka @ INSAL, March 2007

Priyanka @ "Vijay Diwas", Dec 2007


From The Archives

A lot of you expressed an interest in seeing more posts of celebs repeating their clothes and different celebs being spotted in the same we've been keeping our finger on the archives to see what we might have missed earlier on (intentionally or not!)...

Plus, it also helps on a slow news day ;)

Spotted Bhumika Puri repeat her hideous printed top...And also caught Dia Mirza and an unidentified lady in the same ugly gold dress!!

A leprechaun somewhere is missing his halloween costume and his pot of gold!

Bhumika Puri At Gucci Launch

Bhumika Puri At HDIL Indian Oaks 2008

Unidentified Lady At LFW

Dia Mirza At Vashu Bhagnani's Party

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We knew that the members of the Bachchan family are die-hard fans of the designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. But, to wear the exact same design that your sis-in-law already wore, doesn't sit right with us, at all!

Ash @ Nakshtra Launch, Dec 2007

Shweta @ IIFA, June 2007


Clawed And Proud

Its become a sort of joke with us now, every time we find another picture of Kahkashan Patel in her favorite pair of shoes and clutch...we laugh, snicker and then post!! Yes, you might be sick of it already but not us, not yet!! :)

We've seen her with it a million times already, and then some! Here are a few more pictures of her with the clutch from the archives!! Hilarious!!

At Gucci Launch

At Daboo Ratnani's Calendar Launch



We didn't like this outfit on Preeti and while we don't like it on Hrishita either, Hrishita has a better excuse! She had to wear it as part of a film shoot, and you know how producers of low budget movies make you wear the ugliest of outfits! ;)

Hrishita @ "3 Nights 4 Days" Shoot

Preeti @ Lycra MTV Style Awards

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cricket Couture!

Yes, it has finally happened! Fashion has found its way into India's favorite sport.

Manish Arora and Shantanu-Nikhil were asked to design the outfits for the the eight leagues of the Indian Cricket League(ICL). While Manish designed for six teams — Chennai Superstars, Kolkata Tigers, Delhi Giants, Mumbai Champs, Hyderabad Heroes and Chandigarh Lions, Shantanu and Nikhil designed for two, Ahmedabad Rockets and Lahore Badhshahs.

Manish previewed his designs a few months ago, but Shantanu and Nikhil just recently revealed their designs.

While we love Manish to the core, I think the Chennai Superstars probably had a tad bit of a hard time slipping into theirs. They got the pink one, you see! ;)

For more pics of Manish's designs, go here.

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From The Archives

We have seen sisters dress alike before, even own the same thing in different colors but wearing the same dress?

The shetty sisters, both chose to wear this ghastly floral dress, why, it beats me! Shilpa Shetty wore it at her perfume launch in London and then later I spotted the same dress on Shamita as well!!

Stuff with which nightmares are made of!

I guess their taste extends to bags too!! Spotted different versions of the Fendi Spy on both of them (Shilpa Shetty backstage at Rafta Rafta, Shamita Shetty at a calendar launch)

Don't care for the bag, not in any version, but thats just me!!

Source,Source, Source, Source

Twice As Blue

Amrita Arora's blue dress that she wore at the showing of Spring/Summer collection at Cypress reminded me of the one that Jennifer Lopez wore when still pregnant ( taking in the Marchesa fashion show and working those heels)! How fierce is that?


Ash In Neeta Lulla

Aaargh, not only I am sick of seeing Aishwarya in peachy ensembles, I am also not digging this Neeta Lulla sari. Hate the way the sequins are shining through the sari!

While Perizaad looked good while wearing one, noone else has been able to pull the sequin blouse off at all!

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One In Every Color!

It is pretty obvious that Nandita loves her Fendi B belt, but, now Nandita seems to be addicted to another item of clothing!

We have already seen her wearing the beige version of the skirt (seen on the right) again and again. Wonder how many times we will see her in the darker one? ;)

Premiere of "The Don"

Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2008

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Was Roza on her to way to audition for the role of Pocahontas or is she just moonlighting as those actors at Disneyworld that dress up in character?

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Found: Dutta's Dress

First it was Katrina Kaif in Banana Republic and now Tanushree Dutta in Rampage.

Spotted Tanushree Dutta at the premiere of 10,000 BC in a Jeweled Shift Dress from Rampage! Quite a change to spot celebrities in brands other than the uber luxury labels!

Buy The Dress Via Rampage


Bollywood Calling

What do you all think of this 'Bollywood Pillow' from CB2? I adore it, I love anything thats kitschy and does pop-culture tastefully!

Buy Via CB2

Again And Again!

Unlike that other instance, this time Rani Mukherjee waited years before she repeated her outfit! With the outfit in question though, I wish she waited a lifetime...

But its infinitely better (the waiting period, not the outfit itself) than Karishma Kapoor who couldn't even wait a week to repeat hers!

At IIFA Awards, 2006

At Ambani Bash, 2008

Source, Source

Not An LV, Thankfully!

So, the post about Natasha, made me go back to archives, and I couldn't believe how could I have missed Shamita's Dior "Chain Mail" clutch. I am just thankful it wasn't an LV! You know, being that Shilpa is such an LV addict!

Dior Chain Mail Clutch

And, while we were digging into archives, look who else we found carrying Kahkashan's favorite clutch!


Edit: Oops.. Thanks Anonymous #2! I did have her name as Shilpa! ;)