Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ashley: Part Deux

The YouthAids Benefit Gala "Faces of India" was an interesting night. While Padma Lakshmi and Miss India Puja Gupta decided to wear dresses, Ashley Judd looked gorgeous in a silk purple sari! And this time Ashley had the bindi on in the right place!


Leiber: Luxury Number One!

Leiber has just been named the most prestigious handbag brand in the 2007 Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) survey. Herm├Ęs and Prada came in second and third places, respectively. The fact that Prada edged out Bottega Veneta and Chanel surprises me a bit, especially considering the fact that it was Bottega Veneta that was named the most prestigious handbag brand in the 2006 Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) survey, just last year! Read more Here.

Buy Leiber Bags Via Neiman Marcus

The Color Purple

Am loving Purple and what with my lust for bags, here are two that combine the trends for Fall with the lusciousness of the hue...

Combine Purple with Patent (a Fall trend) to get this gorgeous Lanvin Kansas tote! Another trend, but so tastefully done, guaranteed to update your wardrobe in a bag-pickin'-punch-packin' second!

Buy Via Barneys

And, the other strong, strong trend, that of Exotics! Combine the exotic Ostrich with luxe Purple and put it in the form of Mulberry Bayswater and know what catapults a great bag into an instant 'It' bag!

Buy Via Net-A-Porter

Every once in a while, we obsess. Fashionably, of course. It does stop people in their tracks, we however, think its mildly charming. Charm, like degrees of insanity is subjective, yes, but for now, all arguments come in shades of Purple!

When Dia Does Back-To-Back


Above, you see Dia Mirza at the opening of Coleen's hair and beauty saloon 'Snow White' (why she chose to call it 'Snow White' eludes me, worries me even, but we'll save that for later!), and below, is a picture of Dia at the launch of Hemchandra's debut album (of Sa Re Ga Ma Challenge 2005 fame).


Such is the burden of 'celebrity' when events need to be done back-to-back and time itself becomes hard-pressed. But that is of course no excuse for intentional style hara-kiri!

Why not start with something that can easily transcend from one look to another? Start with a simple black dress for one event and for the next throw on a stole or different accessories or even shoes. If it is trousers and a top, carry a jacket with you and throw it on for the next event. Even change of jewellery, shoes and a bag helps! None of which takes any time by the way, just switch/change/throw on in a matter of minutes (or even on the commute)!

All that is needed however, a bit of fashion foresight!

Ashley's Sixth Chakra!

We give kudos to Ashley Judd for fighting AIDS in India. But, we do not give kudos to her for putting on this bindi to the premiere of "India's Hidden Plague" hosted by National Geographic.

It just looks totally "out of place" and now we want it totally "out of sight"!


Ms(Print) Lara!

I am not a big fan of the monogrammed LV. But, I still think people who carry a monogrammed LV should wear an outfit that is more of a solid color. But, when you couple a bag like that with a horsebit print like the dress Lara is just gets too busy..It's almost like a war!(A war between the horsebit print and the monograms and somewhere in between is Lara!)


Friday, November 2, 2007

Speaking Of Gold..

What's up with Sonam wearing gold flats with black panty hose?

If you are going to dance.. don't wear a short flwy dress. If you are gonna dance and wear a short flowy dress...don't wear sheer black panty hose. If you are going to dance and wear a short dress with sheer black panty hose, don't wear gold flats!


All That Glitters..Is Really Gold!

That is the case with this dress designed by students of the Bunka Fashion College. The dress is decorated with total 325 Vienna Harmony coins, estimated at 27 million yen (235,000 USD).

Attn: Mr. Ambani, maybe the Mrs would prefer this to a jumbo jet!


Halloween Over Yet?


Wait, is that a tranny playing Rapunzel? An extra from Chandani Bar? An usher at Taj Mahal restaurant, hick-town, USA?

No. Its Mallika Sherawat at Anita Dongre's store launch.


That outfit. That hair. That make-up. Atleast I now know what I am going next Halloween as.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Imitation: The Best Form Of Flattery?

Well maybe it wasn't the case, but we thought it was pretty hilarious that Roberto Cavalli dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween!

Above: Roberto as Lagerfeld
Below: Lagerfeld as Lagerfeld

Maybe Cavalli needed the outfit to hide from Jennifer Lopez after revealing to the whole world that she was preggers!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amrapali On Halle Berry

Halle Berry has begun a love affair with Amrapali jewelry.. First she walked the red carpet of her movie "Things We Lost In The Fire" at 51st London Film Festival. The total cost of her jewelry.. about $16,000. The major chunk of the change was because of the bangles, but what I am in love with is that ring!

Later that week, while she was in Rome to promote the same movie, she wore a pair of Amrapali gold earrings to the launch party of Roberto Cavalli for H&M. The same pair were also worn by Selita Ebanks to the Teen Choice Awards earlier this year..

Source and Source

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beyonce In Rocky S

Aside from spotting Aishwarya at the Beyonce concert, we spotted Beyonce in a Rocky S outfit. The pink lehenga-choli was from his '07 Couture Collection. We hear Beyonce picked quite a few pieces from his collection and now we can't wait to spot her again in some indian attire. She looks pretty good in them.. don't you agree?

Source and Source

Brace(let) Yourselves Ladies..

..for here comes a new remote control designed JUST for you! No more lost remotes under the couch..No more fighting with the "better" half over what to watch on the telly.. no more scrambling to turn on the TV so that you don't miss the beginning of Greys..

Just wear the Orbit Remote and be in "Control"!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Limited Edition Dior 'India' Saddle Bag

John Galliano designed 12 limited edition Dior Saddle Bags, those inspired by Mexico, China, Russia among others! But what interests us, is of course the 'India' saddle bag!

The nudge at an old-world elaborate nose-ring isn't lost on anyone and while a little garish ,and I do wonder why most Indian inspired things are, its fun!


John Galliano in honour of his 10th anniversary at the house, designed 12 saddle bags, each paying tribute to the 12 countries that have inspired him during his time with Dior! While a little loud and over the top, they are still being touted as good investment pieces!

Of course the news of these bags is trifle old but the reason I write is, I saw a lady at the Delhi airport carrying a bag that looked remarkably like the saddle but very, very Indianised and when I went up to her and asked if it was Dior, she said "Nahin ji, GK se liya hai"! (No, I got it from GK)(*GK, a marketplace in Delhi) :) And 'that' turned to 'this' post!

On an aside, I just got into India! And in true High Heel spirit the first thing I did was to buy Vogue India at the airport! (Family has mentioned therapy but we are working on it!)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eeeks Ekta!

How do you ruin a good grey dress. You wear nude panty hose and put on slides! That is what Ekta Kapoor did at the Zee Rishto Ka Utsav event.

Here is a not for your dear.never wear open toe shoes if you are wearing panty hose! And get rid of those ugly slides too!


Aishwarya In Christian Audigier

Just when we were wondering "where in the world" is Aishwarya... we spotted her at the Beyonce concert sporting a casual look. But this casual look doesn't come easy on the wallet. The tunic that Mrs. Bachchan is wearing can set you back a whopping $165 and that is because it is a Christian Audigier.

If have no idea who Christian Audigier is, he is the man behind all the craze that's Ed Hardy. We don't have to tell you how many people are already wearing Ed Hardy these days in Bollywood, you can take a peek here and here!

Get your own CA "Barbwire" Tunic here.

Buy via Christian Audigier

Image Source: Christian Audigier