Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Double Take..

That is what we took because at first glance, the two outfits (Rani's and Sonam's) looked so similar, we wondered if it was the same one..

Well the bad news ( Yes.. I said bad news!).. is that it isn't..and the reason that it is bad news is because the churidar style that Sonam wore would have been a thousand times better than the pyjama pants that Rani sported!

And then we would have had a different headline.. and maybe it would have said "Who wore it better?" and maybe Rani would have fared better in that regard!



Perks Of Being A Director's Mother.. get to wear a designer sari made by the film's designer(Anuradha Vakil)..



Friday, November 9, 2007

Festive Cocktail Saris: One Part Gin, One Part Tacky!


Shobhaa De recently launched her own line of Festive Cocktail Saris and while the lady is to be admired, she definitely doesn't cut it as a designer, and I'd leave it off the resume if I were her! The Saris were quite your average 'Neighborhood And Sons' fare!


Now, did I hear 'Cocktail' somewhere? (hic)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mirror Image?

Tusshar Kapoor seems to have taken some "style" tips from Hrithik Roshan. So I guess when he was wondering how to wear it differently.. that teeny brain inside that head probably spoke back to him and said "Reverse the colors, yaar!"

As for me... am not a fan of either and definitely don't want to see my man in 'em..

Above: Hrithik at Lycra MTV Style Awards
Below: Tushar Kapoor at Saawariya Premiere


Bolo Om..

While almost all of Bollywood was committing major fashion offenses at the Saawariya premiere in India, the Om Shanti Om crowd had their premiere in London. And after seeing Sonali Kulkarni's "insides", everything seems to please the eyes now! (Even though Deepika's lehenga totally matches the red carpet!)


Saawariyaaaaaaaargh! And Then Some.

Am not even going to waste my breath on this one. The Saawariya premiere has got to have had the worst-dressed turn-out by far that I have seen in a long, long time!

Amrita Rao: That dress and those gladiators (the shoes)! Feed her to the lions already!


Lara Dutta: Lil' Bo Peep, lost her sheep. Understandably! I'd run a mile too if I were the sheep!


Sonali Kulkarni: Stripper with superpowers! Innerwear goes outerwear, flash with every flash!



The stars were out and about at the premiere of Saawariya, but these stars made it here for all the wrong reasons...

Priyanka Chopra of the lot, had to be least offensive, but that doesn't let her off the hook! She shows you how not to do Brocade. I mean really, trifle much, don't you think? There is so much pattern, just so much going on there, makes me almost dizzy!


And then, the lovely Amisha Patel. So wrong on so many levels, but someone tell me how does one manage to match their lipstick down to the teeniest tint of their outfit?!


Oh boy! Where does one start with Ms. Mukherjee? Once the image has registered, let me please draw your attention to the, pants?


Misunderstood fashion icons? If we are placing bets, you know what my money is on!

Dressing Up White And Blue


A great way to dress up the good ol' white tee and denim! While Lohan does the 'Bohemian' (below), Knowles prefers Glam'ing it up (above)!


When playing around with your scarves/stoles, which look would you go for?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Spy..

...that Konkana either wore her own jewelry during the making of LCMD or else just decided not to return it... ;)



LBD, The Long Brocade Dress?


So, even Heidi Klum has bad days. How else can you explain that ghastly dress, hair, make-up and choice of jewellery?! At a glance, the gold work reminded me of an old sari of my mom's, that's until I looked closer! Quite reminds me of those thread-worked table-cloths from way-back-when!


Her styling at the ACE Awards was rather appalling (where she won the Fashion Influencer Award)! Question though is, what is your verdict? Yay or Nay?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Question..

So here is something that I found interesting at the Dubai International Fashion Week. Designer Sulafa Filfilan showcased her collection... but what caught my eye was that while she was covered under the hijab, the clothes she showcased were definitely not meant to be worn underneath a hijab..

So my question to all of you out there.. is that.. should she be applauded for being able to design clothes that she(Sulafa) will never get to wear in public or is this some kind of a double standard on her part..?

As for me, I don't care(I am a feminist).. she can do whatever she wants! But, we want to hear from YOU! What do you think?

Diwali Ready?

The choicest Indian clothes are out and about and the festive season is resplendent with beautiful traditional clothes, one better than the other! But if you don't know what you should be buying, read on!

A must-have this season: Churidaar sleeves. Most designers are doing them in diaphanous chiffons giving it that translucent, delicate feel! I love it! If what worries you is the fact that you might not like these sleeves for too long, then worry not. They are going to be around for a while! However, if the romance does fizzle out for you, all you have to do is take them in to your trusted tailor and have the sleeves cut off to turn it into a sleeveless Kameez or have shorter sleeves attached!

Source And Source
Left: Model In Sabyasachi Ensemble
Right: Deepika Padukone At The OSO Jewellery Launch

The next big trend this season is the Anarkali style Salwar-Kameez! It looks great and fits wonderfully on all body-types (very flattering for those downward problem areas) and you can't resist a twirl in it!

Left: Model In Sabyasachi Ensemble
Right: Urmila Matondkar At The Police Diwali Mela

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pretty In Pink

That was Dr. Neela Rasgotra..oops..I mean Parminder Nagra who wore a pink chiffon sari to the ER's 300th episode party.


That is two nights in a row that we spotted a Sari on hollywood actors..

Police Diwali Show: Fashion Roundup

Category: Truly Traditional In A Sari

The Best: Raageshwari in white!

The Good: Priyanka in green. (Too bad I like white better!)

The Bad: Aishwarya in red.
(Karva Chauth was last week!)

Category: Casually Ethnic In Salwars

The Best: Urmila in a brightly colored Anarkali style ensemble!

The Good: Sonam in royal blue and red.

The Good: Deepika in pink and gold.

The Bad: Esha in this awful green print.

Honorable Mention: Sonali in black.

Category: What were they thinking?

Rimi Sen in denim

Mallika in crochet

Source and Source

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rani's Fashion Boo Boo

We know Rani is a die-hard fan of Sabyasachi, but to wear the same style twice in a row does not sit well! The man has created so many different silhouettes that are so gorgeous that for her to stick to wearing the same thing again is such a bummer!

Above: Rani at Diwali Show
Below: Rani at LFW

Hopefully Rani will choose some other styles for the next event. Look Rani, we even made this easy for you! Look here!