Saturday, January 12, 2008

Soniya: A Style Icon Too?

After Amrita, Soniya seems to have started to influence Hansika with her quirky style!

Hansika @ Big 92.7 FM Event

Soniya @ MNIAG Premiere

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Spotted: A "Geet" At Award Shows!

So, which one do you think pulls of the "Geet" look better?

Amrita @ Star Screen Awards

Minissha @ Sabse Favorite Kaun

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Amrita Has An Admirer?

No, we aren't talking about Shahid. We are just hinting that maybe Rituparna likes Amrita's style quotient so much, that she has started mimicking Ms. Rao!

Saawariya Premiere

Star Screen Awards

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Co-Stars:They Share Fashion Tips?

Aishwarya and Hrithik unveiled the latest Filmfare covers featuring the two in their Jodhaa Akbar roles. What caught our attention though, was not the magazine cover but the tee that Hrithik was wearing. Looks like Ash's been sharing some fashion tips with Hrithik while shooting Jodhaa-Akbar.

Buy via Christian Audigier


Purple Bol?

Purple sure seemed the theme of the night at the premiere of Halla Bol. We saw not one but three peeps who wore purple.

Purple sure seems a much better color for Vidya than black!



Spotted Tarina Patel (of Dus Kahaniyan's 'Sex On The Beach' fame) at the My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Premiere carrying the Marc Jacobs Quilted Classic Stam Bag! While I don't particularly care for either her dress or her boots, she gets props for atleast carrying a bag that is not same ol', same ol' Gucci or Louis Vuitton!

The Stam and has long been a favorite of A-listers, and Marc Jacobs being the celebrity darling and design wonder-kid ensures that the Stam stays around in one form or another, the latest version (The Kid Quilted Patent Bag) being seen on Hilary Duff as recent as a few days ago!

To buy The Marc Jacobs Quilted Classic Stam go here and for The Kid Quilted Patent Bag go here!

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A Retraction Seems In Order

Did I actually say Gauri Khan was beginning to dress a little more subtle?!! Because if I did, and I did, its time to beat a hasty lil' retreat! Look at what she turned up in at the Star Screen Awards...

That obsession with animal-prints has just got to stop. And those chenille or sateen (or whatever else) trousers, just what the hell is that??

And this is a woman who's been on the cover of Vogue.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dressed Up Or Dressed Down?

John Abraham worked the same jacket two ways in the shortest span of time, and may we say, very deliciously? If I had to pick, I prefer the dressed up avatar, pure eye-candy!!

Left: At The Unveiling Of 9th Auto Expo 2008
Right: At A Dinner With Madonna In Mumbai

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My Feathers Are All Ruffled

Just when I thought ok, so Tanya Abrol must have gotten that frilly, ruffled 'frock' out of her system now that she wore it to that Australia India Festival few months ago, I'd never have to see it again! But noooooo!! Guess what she wore to the Star Screen Awards?

Left: At Australia India Film Festival
Right: At Star Screen Awards

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Who Wore It Better?

Caught Poonam Dhillon and Rekha at Star Screen Awards resplendent in their kanjeevarams. Who wore their silk better you think?

Left: Poonam Dhillon
Right: Rekha


Who Wore It Better?

Who do you think wore this Neeta Lulla outfit better?

Left: Perizaad Zorabian
Right: Anjana Sukhani


Good Times For Vidya

Vidya sure has hit the good times. She hangs out with the big-wigs of the page 3 world and she gets to wear designer clothes. Life is good for her, isn't it!

Vidya @ Star Screen Awards

Gauri and Nainika WIFW Spring 2008


Clutch Spotting

Bipasha has one in gold. So does Gayatri. And now Karishma has one in black. If you are wondering what we are talking about, then let us not keep you waiting anymore. We are talking about the Gucci Crystal Evening Clutch that we caught Karishma sporting at the Star Screen Awards.

She sure knows how to make a cheap top look real goood!

Buy via Saks


Smokey Grey, Smokin' Black : A Faceoff

Spotted an almost identical, similarly cut and shaped dress on Jamie Pressly and Mehr Jessia around the same time, though continents apart! While one went with black and her hair down, the other chose to wear grey and hair swept away from the face!

The dress is a classic silhouette that spells restrained chic! Who worked it better, is something you'll have to pick though!

Left: Jamie Pressly At Style Your Slim Event
Right: Mehr Jessia Rampal At Zoom Glam Awards

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Oh So Blue

Watch out people, a smurf has been spotted. Either that, or a member of the Blue Man group is missing and in hiding!

They make it so easy for us sometimes. Yes, tights are in. And team a black dress with tights and neat peep-toe pumps and you can't go wrong. Except, if the tights are blue. Oh so blue!

Soniya Mehra at the premiere of My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves was probably going for a trendy avant-garde look but instead delivered this 'grade A' miss as far as misses go!! And thats without me even delving into the grey cardigan, those bangles, that bag and that matching navy goth nail-color!

Really, they make it so easy for us sometimes.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dior Leaves Me Gobsmacked

The two really ugly bags below are part of Dior's Spring preview and I just wish I never saw them! That gypsy bag, where does one even start? Those eyelet, cut-out ruffles spell ugly, layer after layer, ruffle after ruffle! At $1950, thats a whole lot to shell out for a prop from a bad sixties movie!

And that red/purple/yellow, multicolor abstract print shopping tote is definitely someone's idea of sixties psychedelia gone sour and at $1290, its not a pretty shade to turn!

Left: Buy The Gypsy Bag Via Neiman Marcus
Right: Buy The Large Shopping Tote Via Neiman Marcus

From Drab To Fab To Drab!

How sucky for Amrita that her fab look was only when she chose to go casual!

At the Press Meet for MNIAG lookin Drab!!

At a radio appearance for MNIAG lookin Fab!

At premiere of MNIAG lookin Drab again!

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A Repeat Fashion Offender

Is that a Halen groupie? An out of work dancer from Coco-Cabana? A stow away on Starship Enterprise? No, its Jia Khan.

Those mini, mini dresses, major, major ugly dresses, those boots and those stockings. I won't insult your intelligence, you go ahead and put it all together. Hopefully, you will come up with a fashion equivalent of rehab-breakout! Shudders.

Left: As A Brand Ambassador For Campus Awards 2007
Right: At The Launch Of Elite 2008 Calendar

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'IT' Rears Its Ugly Head Again!

Amisha Patel wore this overly sequinned, Neeta Lulla designed blouse at the Saawariya premiere and I was hoping that it would be the last I ever saw of it, but you know what they say about best laid plans...!! Months later, I see the same hideous blouse again, and this time on Anjana Sukhani at Jodhaa Akbar music launch!

Eeecks. Talk about recurring nightmares!

Left: Amisha Patel At Saawariya Premiere
Right: Anjana Sukhani At Jodhaa Akbar Music Launch

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Speaking Of..

..loving a style too much, we have noticed Tulip Joshi really loves her short dresses! Neither do they flatter her figure nor do they cover her twosomes well. 'Someone' could use a little double sided tape, unless 'someone' is using the 'changu-mangus' to get some film roles!

Zoom Awards, Jan 2008

Sabse Favorite Kaun, Dec 2007

Swarovski Fashion Show, Dec 2007

Platinum Film Festival, Nov 2007

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Aishwarya Is Not Anarkali...

...... we all know that of course! What we meant was that she definitely is keeping away from the anarkali style.

We noticed that she really, really likes the short kurta with churidar look! Click here to see what we are talking about!


Going A Notch Up On The 'Subtle' Scale

I hadn't cared for Gauri's Dolce and Gabbana outfit that she wore to the Vogue India launch party, not that I have anything against wild animal prints, just that this particular outfit seemed a bit much, and clearly did nothing for Ms. Khan.

And now, compare that look to what Gauri turned out in for Zee's anniversary party! Totally loving it. Here too, the animal print made an appearance, but in no way for which I'd complain! That animal print clutch gives it just the right amount of edge. Great way to take a chic, and in this case, a 'safe' look and give it a bit of an edge, a racier punch...

Left: At Vogue India Launch Party
Right: At Zee's 15th Anniversary Party

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The Ethereal Toga: A Faceoff

Runway or Red Carpet? Which of the two was more oomph'ed up you think?

For me, the pick was easy, I chose the Lanvin dress! Simple and chic, it sparkled with understated elegance. The blush hues of Tahiliani could have worked wonders but that pleated extra under the asymmetrical mid-leg hemline just takes away all the magic!

Left: Katie Holmes In Lanvin At Critics' Choice Awards
Right: Joey Mathews On The Runway At/For Tarun Tahliani's Fashion Show

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