Saturday, January 19, 2008

Again And Again!

We know has it in white too, seems like the black is more of his favorite! How come he looks much happier posing with the "chicken" than Bipasha!?

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Bad Girl Wannabe?

Esha is probably trying to shake off that good girl image she has been garnering.

At the ‘Phir Wahi Sham Betiyon Ke Nam’ hosted by FICCI (FLO) Ladies organization at NCPA, she showed up wearing an Ed Hardy T with boot cut denims. Alas, this look is still not helping her cause. The whole look is so mismatched. The bootcut denim screams formal but also is too short. The Ed Hardy T's low round neckline is too casual. The hair is having its own identity crisis! The girl's just totally missed the mark.


On an aside, if I showed up at a formal event dressed like that, my "Ma" would have given me an earful! LOL!

One In Every Color?

John Abraham liked his jacket enough to get it in black and white!!

Do you do that too, like something enough to get it in a couple of colors?

Left: At The Unveiling Of 9th Auto Expo 2008
Right: At The Marathon Party

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Caption This!

Thats Soha Ali Khan at the unveiling of Gold's gym calendar and she seems to be saying, "Oh, look............................................................."

Caption it. Give us a laugh.


Friday, January 18, 2008


At The Launch Of Hi Lounge

Soniya Mehra sure likes stacking those bangles with her LBDs. (Nevermind the fact that she might pair the LBD with pearls, patent red pumps and those bangles, or, an LBD with neon blue tights, grey printed cardigan and those bangles...)

Those bangles, inspired by someone you think?

Left: At My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Premiere
Right: At The Launch Of Playstation Game Buzz

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Same, Same, But Different?

What is it with people that wear co-ordinated colors at their movie premieres? Ok, so its probably not intentional but it doesn't take away from the fact that it still is funny! Especially when the outfits in question are so...

Shreyas has actually come a long, long way! (Remember this?) But Sagarika's shirt?? (And, that is after discounting the Armani Exchange belt which keeps resurfacing again and again!! Yikes.)

Here are pictures of the two from the Bombay to Bangkok Premiere, take a look-see for yourself...

Left: Sagarika Ghatge
Right: Shreyas Talpade

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting With Coach

Spotted Sagarika Ghatge at the inauguration of Standard Chartered Marathon Expo in Mumbai carrying a Coach bag!

Here's hoping she gets to work in enough movies so that she can work her way up the bag buying hierarchy! :)

I couldn't find the exact Coach bag that she was carrying, but below you'll see two that come the closest, one that is patch-worked and the other that has those zebra stripes!

Left: Buy The Holiday Patchwork Top Handle Pouch Via Coach
Right: Buy The Hamptons Signature Zebra Stripe Pouch Via Coach


The Ballooning Trend

Summer of last year saw Cameron Diaz totting the fabulous and oh-so-happy Marni balloon bag in yellow, and its popularity seems to be riding just as high even now! And most designers seem to have caught onto the shape... look at the Balenciaga and Gucci bags from their spring 08 collections...

While I like it, its a great casual, day-bag, the only thing I find inconvenient about this shape is that anything you put in the bag seems to collect at the bottom and it takes major rummaging to find something! But then again, maybe its just me!

Left: Cameron Diaz
Right: A Bag From Marni

Left: A Bag From Balenciaga
Right: A Bag From Gucci

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Maxim Mavens

There was Malaika on the pages of Maxim. And now, there's Kim Sharma. Who worked it more, is a question easy to answer!

Malaika, much hotness. Tasteful.
Kim, dancehall eighties. Yawn.

Left: Malaika Arora Khan
Right: Kim Sharma

Left: Malaika Arora Khan
Right: Kim Sharma

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Size Matters?? A Faceoff

Thats a picture of Katie Holmes and Shweta Bachchan, both carrying the extremely coveted Hermes Birkin bag in red...

A Birkin, is a Birkin, whats not to love?

But, and there is always a but, I just think that Katie's Birkin is a bit too big! I mean really, it does take the 'over-sized bag' thing a bit too far! It is obscene! Shweta's on the other hand, is "just right"!! I know, I feel like Goldilocks too when I say that, but really!

Whats your take?

Left: Katie Holmes
Right: Shweta Bachchan

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Vision (Hardly) In White : A Faceoff

Both Rituparna and Neetu Chandra went with white leggings and diaphanous white tops with asymmetrical lengths as far as their choice of outfits go, and, I really can't say who was styled better because both were, umm, well lets just say, it didn't work!

But, if you just had to choose who'd you pick?

Left: Neetu Chandra
Right: Rituparna Sengupta At Star Screen Awards

Did we just stumble upon a trend though? Look what Priyanka Chopra wore to a recent event...

Priyanka Chopra At Dr Vijay Sharma Cosmetic Center Launch

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Bloom'ing Love

If you thought that influences of the 'garden-variety' were limited to the clothes in the Spring 2008 collections, you are wrong! The inevitable happened and the influence tipped over onto accessories as well.

Thankfully, not much of that happened because no matter what they say, I just don't think lugging around a floral bag that costs $$$$ is fashionable! But some of these shoes were cute (ooh, Blahnik!!) were some of the pieces of jewellery that I saw, again, emphasis on 'some'!!

Left: Missoni
Right: Dolce & Gabbana

Left: Manolo Blahnik
Right: Bottega Veneta

Left: Ralph Lauren
Right: Balenciaga

Left: Louis Vuitton
Right: Marc Jacobs

Left: Alexandra Neel
Right: Prada


A Spring Swirl

A heavy dose of petals, leaves, stems and all kinds of flowers were seen in collections of various designers in their Spring 2008 Ready-To-Wear collections! 'Floral' never looked so good before!

Some were seen on very structured outfits, some on not as much, sometimes the colors were a vibrant multi-color explosion of palette and then sometimes there was the dulled monochromatic play but still just as vibrant!

I have never been one for anything floral but how do you say no to Oscar De La Renta or Carolina Herrera? Have you seen those outfits?

Of course, not all that I saw was good (that Valentino outfit!!), but for now, lets only dwell on the fashionably divine.

Left: Balenciaga
Right: Carolina Herrera

Left: Elie Saab
Right: Nicole Miller

Left: Oscar De La Renta
Right: Valentino


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's Worse?!

Meghna's tribal print or Maria's patchwork?

Meghna Naidu

Maria Goretti


Officially, Overdosed

Purple was the color du jour at the Halla Bol Premiere and we've seen this color surface again and again, and we didn't call it a season favorite for nothing!

Saw Shahrukh Khan performing at the Airtel Bindaas concert in a Purple velvet suit and can now officially say he has ended my love affair with this season's strong hue single-handedly! That characterless top that Ayesha Takia wore to the Sunday press meet didn't do anything in its favor either!

Left: Shahrukh Khan At Airtel Bindass Concert
Right: Ayesha Takia At Sunday Press Meet


Vest'ed Interest

I saw this picture of Ayesha Takia at the unveiling of BIG 92.7 FM's 'Chipak Ke Jeeto Winners' and her outfit totally reminded me of Kate Moss. Not Ms. Takia, just her choice of clothes.

Vests have been going strong for a while now, seasons and seasons actually but no one put them on the map as much as Kate Moss did. It became one of her (many) signature looks and she sure wears it with élan!

Of Ms. Takia the same can't be said. On paper it works fine but when you look at the above picture, something is quite off. Maybe its that cheesy high pony? Can't quite put my finger on what ruins it for me! Of course, being compared to Moss (below) doesn't help either!

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