Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shekhar's Jacket Makes Another Appearance...

This time it was at the Rome Film Festival..I wonder if he considers it lucky?

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The Many Looks Of Rohit Bal

Of course, I am being sarcastic! Rohit seems to have decided to push the whole jodhpurs trend on to the rest of the world all by himself. So, the question is, do you want to see your man in one of these?

Top Left: FHM Magazine Launch, Source
Top Right: Haywards Black Preview, Source
Bottom Left: Gucci Launch, Source
Bottom Right: Wills India Fashion Week Grand Finale, Source

Friday, October 19, 2007

Soha: This Is "So" Not Hot...

The first time I saw Soha wearing this outfit( worn to a Logitech launch event), I decided to let it go.. But then she decided to show up at the Rome Film Festival( where she is showcasing her film Khoya Khoya Chand) and wore the same outfit again! And that belt!!

Source and Source

Louis Vuitton For Darjeeling Limited


The Wes Anderson movie, Darjeeling Limited has been panned in its reviews but thats not the point, is it? The point you ask? But of course, the Louis Vuitton luggage. The movie revolves around three brothers' journey through India carrying their dead father's luggage! Louis Vuitton luggage that is. Designed by Jacobs for Vuitton using aged calfskin, velvet lining and a special jungle pattern (the pattern created by Anderson's brother)!

The luggage was on display at the New York LV store for a limited time and was auctioned off, the proceeds of which went onto benefit UNICEF and the Rawal Mallinathji Foundation, a medical treatment charity in India!

To read more, and learn how the bidding/auction went, go HERE!

Smell That?


Sometime ago, in one of the comments on this blog, we were asked to review perfumes but we never did get around to doing it (yet, yet!) but then to my surprise I came across this and absolutely had to post it! The perfume in question? Its Yu from Mane that retails for a mere $5000!! No, thats no typo, there really are three zeroes following that Five!

Apparantly, Yu means 'rain' in Chinese and reviewers are calling it 'aesthetically gorgeous'!! Only 500 bottles of the fragrance were produced and are currently on sale at Bergdorf Goodman.

But, five thousand dollars? Excuse me, while I gasp!

You can read more about it HERE.

Mop Tops


Above, Kim Sharma walking the ramp for Nalanda Bhandari at the Lakme India Fashion Week, and below, Bipasha Basu at Narendra Kumar's menswear show! Both had new hairdos, and similar to each other, sort of inspired by old school Bridgette Bardot?? Of course, they couldn't hold a light to her, but what do you think? Kim Sharma looks like she is weaing an ill-fitting wig, it just doesn't work! I don't mind the look on Bipasha. But, once again, what do y'all think?


Thursday, October 18, 2007



Bhagyashree who had long been forgotten (come on now, admit it!) surfaced as the Brand Ambassador for the Jewels of India 2007 Expo only to make us fervently wish she'd crawl back into the woodworks again! Announcing the Jewellery Exhibition to be held in Bangalore, at a Press Conn, the lady in question was stacked with enough gold to uplift an entire geographical location economically!

Yes, being the 'Brand Ambassador' for Jewels of India 2007 Expo, it is befitting of her to be resplendent in fine jewellery, but from head to toe in gold is rather tasteless don't you think?


Whatever happened to the subtle, sophisticated, statement making, jewellery pieces? Who do we blame? The guileless celebrities, the over-zealous sponsors or the incompetent stylists?

Neha Dhupia though fared much better at the Press Meet organized in Chennai, to announce a Jewellery Exhibition there!


Say NO To Plastic


Spotted Preity Zinta at the Lakme India Fashion Week making an environmentally sound statement with her, 'Say No to plastic bags", bag and looking good while doing it! But it of course reminded me of the much sought after Anya Hindmarch bag...


Now thats a way to make an enviro-friendly statement while still looking très stylish: The Anya Hindmarch, I'm NOT a plastic bag!

Celebs like Lily Cole, Reese Witherspoon, Petra Nemocova and Kiera Knightly (clockwise:pictures below) have been spotted carrying the bag and the bag is completely sold out everywhere in the U.S, actually make that worldwide! But if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, know that people have stood in lines around blocks to get their hands on one! Yessirie!



The bag retails at 15$ but having been completely sold out, are going for hundreds of dollars on ebay! Though I did find some on Amazon, though they are marked up at 40$ each! (Buy Via Amazon)

Who says fashion comes easy? Even when its for a good cause!!

Guess Who?

At first I couldn't believe my eyes as to why this lady was part of the Lakme Diva event and then I couldn't believe my ears when I found out who she was!

Do you know who she is? Here is a hint: "Mera dil tere liye...dhadak ta hai..."

Leave your guesses in the comments..


Raima In Manish Malhotra: A Flashback?

Doesn't it seem like Raima's outfit worn at Manish Malhotra's Grand Finale at the Lakme Fashion Week seems to have come from mixing the outfits of Preity and Kajol. Incidentally, they too had walked the ramp for him at LFW Winter 2006.

Source and Source

These Boots Are Made For Walking?


Also seen at the Lakme India Fashion Week was Minissha Lamba in those crazy, crazy boots, walking the ramp for Agnimitra Paul! Check out that woman in the background also giving those booties a once over!

Somewhere tonight, a Santa's helper is sleeping barefoot.

And here's just a peak into the mentioned collection:


Twice As Nice?

On the left, thats Nandita Mahtani at the opening of Bollywood Mischief and on the right, there she is again, spotted at the Lakme India Fashion Week in the exactly same outfit, once more! While its heartening to see celebrities repeat their clothes too, but twice in less than a month, that too at events you know you will be photographed is not exactlly fly, is it?

Source and Source

On an aside, also spotted her at the Gucci launch party in a great looking dress!


She is carrying the new Gucci clutch (Crystal evening bag with Swaroski detail, Fall/Winter) in black patent but I don't care for it much. Those tassels just don't work for me! But here it is in Gold, and if it appeals to you, go for it!

Buy Via Gucci

Oh Wicked White


Spotted Manisha Koirala during the Lakme Fashion Week looking as she did and a double-take was but coming of course! Whatever happened to her? That ridiculous color in her hair, the neon'esque lip color and that ill, ill-fitting suit! Gawd! She tried to go à la Simi but didn't quite work did it? They both even had the white and gold Luis Vuittons but while one looked timeless, the other looked like a snow capped nightmare! Needless to say which was which am sure?


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Look Vs. Another Look: Part Deux

We spotted Konkona Sen Sharma and Dia Mirza looking refreshing in white at the Middle Eastern International Film Festival held in Abu Dhabi. While Konkana wore a white lace sari with silver accessories, Dia chose a salwar kameez with gold accents.

Image Source: Khaleej Times and Getty Images

A Look Vs. Another Look


Bipasha Basu and Preity Zinta were both at the Gucci launch party and while both went with long black gowns, the former chose to accent hers with gold and the latter with silver! And now, you have to decide who looked better!

Which Look, Looked Better?
Preity's Iced Silver
Bipasha's Dusted Gold free polls


And in case you are wondering whats the clutch that Preity is carrying, it is but of course a Gucci, more specifically, a Gucci 'Mirror' evening bag! And you can have it too!

Borrow Via BagBorrowSteal

And Bipasha's clutch has been making quite an appearance among the celebrities! It too is a Gucci clutch.


And you can find it here...

Buy Via Gucci

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When Just Money Won't Do

Money can just about buy anything! Even a Birkin. But style? That'd be a no dahlinks!!

Take one look at Madhoo only to know! A birkin she has. But look at the way she turned out for the Sabyasachi party at the Lakme India Fashion Week, 2008 (picture on the right)!! Style, she has not.

An ugly printed top. An uglier belt. Work on the side seams of her pants, seems like some sort of whipstitching. Strange plastic'y, resin-like bangles on one of her hands. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

And people like her have Birkins. Its a cryin' shame.


"I'm Not A Jewelry Person"- Vidya Balan

"I am not a jewelry person, as I am not as fond of it. I like simple and understated jewelry because (otherwise) it is really cumbersome while you are shooting,"

I guess that pretty much explains why Ms Balan picked a "dog collar with a chain" lookalike for a necklace and happily posed in it for the jewelry launch for Mirari in Delhi.

What I pity more is that she also had to pose next to two beautiful models who looked a hundred times better in (guess what!) UNDERSTATED pieces!

Photo Source: Getty Images

LIFW: Sabyasachi

There is a good reason why Sabyasachi is called the Hermes of India by those in the fashion-know and this collection is just another affirmation of what we already believe: he has the makings of a great couturier, and well under way!

The colors were so rich, grounded, yet so luxe and vibrant! The color palette exploded with every hue and tone but never overwhelmed. The textures were stunning, there was velvet, brocade, chiffon, chenille, khadi and even cotton! Lovely!

I loved that he mentioned at the Press Conn, the fact that its time designers worked on consolidating and paying attention to the market in India because it is the Indian consumers that made designers like him and Tarun Tahiliani into super brands!

This collection was inspired by the India-Pakistan partition and by movies like Sardari Begum, 1947 Earth and, the colors by Mircha Masala. He had quwalis for soundtrack, calling it ethnic trance. You got to love that! The collection went back to the roots of Indian ethnic couture.

I can't think of a single minus on this collection. This is the kind of piece a woman owns and passes on as an heirloom! It was masterfully crafted and skillfully executed and takes a man of certain skill and genius to do what he does every single time with Indian couture!

P.S: Rani was spotted at the show wearing an ensemble designed by Sabyasachi!