Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Steps!

While we don't care much for Neeta Lulla, it was good to see that she atleast took some time to style her finale look and the celebrity in question at the Dubai Fashion Week!

(Remember Sameera Reddy at the Mumbai festival and how terribly turned out she was? Even the lehenga was too short for her!)

At Mumbai Festival

At Dubai Fashion Week

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Devaluing Gold

Two times the charm? No. People just don't learn...

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Who Loves Her Shorts!

At the Shaurya success party, we found Minissha wearing her white shorts again. Nothing wrong with them, but being that Minissha is not that tall, they just makes her look much shorter and chunkier around the hips. Also, who still wears anything with chains stitched on it???

Shaurya Success Party

Johnnie Walker Race

Edit: No.. they aren't capris.. they are shorts! Bad Payal!

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Dia In Arshiya Fakih Eappen

It looks like the "bubble" dress is still not out. And, why should it be, when Dia Mirza can make it look sooo goood! Dia, who recently walked for Arshiya at Lakme Fashion Week, wore her creation to the Krazzy 4 press meet and she sure didn't dissapoint. Definitely much better than her appearance in Rocky S.

Dia @ Krazzy 4 Press Meet

Arshiya Fakih Eappen Fall 2008

P.S. While, we couldn't find the exact dress, above is a dress from Arshiya's Fall 08 line using the same materials.

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Care For A Romper?

Olsen in a Calvin Klien romper way back in 2005, Arora at the Wendell Rodricks fashion show at the LIFW... who fared better?

Ashley Olsen, 2005

Amrita Arora, 2008

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The 'WTH', Two-In-One Edition

'WTHeyy' is probably the politest exclamation that comes to mind when looking at this picture. Rakshanda Khan (left) in a printed dress that does absolutely nothing for her and probably the fact that the dress could use a couple of more inches in length is least of its troubles...but, where does one even begin with Maheka Mirpuri's (right) outfit?

Ignore the sleeves for a second (if your eyes even went there), what astounds me is, for a designer how could she not notice what that detailing/embellishment on her neckline and bust were doing (rather not) for her...!!??


Speaking Of Drashta...

Which multi-color shimmer, metallic dress works better?

Emilio Pucci Spring 08

Drashta Sarvaiya Spring 08

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Found: Bipasha's Dress From Goal

Drashta Sarvaiya Spring 2008

Bipasha in "Ishq Ka Kalma" from Goal

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Separated At Birth?

Wow. I thought Sameera had it bad at the recent Miss India competition with her costume until I had a look at Katie Price, who showed up to the signing of her own book "Mermaids and Price" dressed in her best mermaid costume. Except, it ain't so nice, is it?

Don't these people review the "costumes" before wearing them? Oh well, guess, I can't complain! It partly because they get such things wrong that we get to write about them! ;)

Katie Price

Sameera Reddy

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Print This

And the lady who worked the print better was...

Kareena Kapoor

Lara Dutta

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Take Two

The version in white that Sameera wore at Neeta Lulla's show didn't work for us then, the version in cream/beige that she wore at a recent press conference doesn't work for us now!

Something about it screams 'costume-y' and might undoubtedly look great on film, but we wish it stayed put on the sets!

Left: At LIFW
Right: At A Press Conference

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sundress With Churidars: Yay Or Nay?

Edit: We posted this before we learned about Kajol's father passing away. Since Blogger does not allow to close posts from comments, we hope that we can trust you all to refrain from commenting on this post out of respect!


Payal & Priyanka

Kajol paired a strapless sundress with churidars and dupatta at recent screening for her movie "U, Me Aur Hum". While, I give her brownie points for creativity, the print of this sundress paired with the choker and oversized shades makes this look a big "Nay" for me!

What do you think?

Runway To (Red) Carpet

I always pictured that billowing orange gown from Lanvin Spring 08 to be more editorial than red carpet and now am convinced! While I appreciate Padma Lakshmi's choice over the more straight and narrow gowns, this gown to me just didn't translate that well from the runway onto the red carpet!

What do you guys think?

Padma Lakshmi

Lanvin Spring 08

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Shiny Dress + Bad Makeup = Disaster

You would think after Gauri's disaster, people would have learned a tip or two of what not to do when wearing a bright silk dress, but that just doesn't seem to be the case! Take Ms. Rao here who wore an ill-fitting butter colored silk gown that did nothing but cling to her thighs! And, if that was not bad enough, take a look at her makeup!

Ghastly! So very ghastly!

Amrita @ Jal's Album Launch

Gauri @ Bling

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In Her Closet

We spotted Laila wearing a Monisha Jaisingh tunic from Spring 2008 and pair it with a Fendi "To You" convertible bag.

Laila Khan Rajpal

Monisha Jaisingh Spring 2008

The bag is certainly not a favorite, and especially the version on Laila because of the brown logo overdose! Come to think of it, the only time this bag looked good to us was when it was on Cameron Diaz's shoulder. Gosh, she can make anything look good, can't she!

Buy the Fendi "To You" bag via Bluefly

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Seeing Pink!

Elizabeth Hurley wore a beautiful blush ombre sari at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hottest Pink Party Ever 2008 and gotta say she definitely is one of the very few non-Indian women to wear a sari so gracefully!

Note how similar it is to the sari that Katrina wore to the race premiere, the same work and the same ombre effect except, I prefer Liz's blush version over Kaif's hot pink!

Liz Hurley

Katrina Kaif

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Bolly Bleh!

Kate Spade introduced two new bags under the collection 'Bollywood'...and, (no prize for guessing) I absolutely don't care for it all!

It supposedly draws on the "industry's dazzling palettes and unabashed glitz with a touch of camp" but I fail to see any of the delectable kitsch that defines Bollywood!!

The bags come in soft patent calfskin, and in cheery neon colors that would've been perfect for spring but even that does nothing for me!

I seriously fail to see 'Bollywood' and they say whats in a name!

Buy The Bollywood Stevie Via Kate Spade (image, left)
Buy The Bollywood Lella Via Kate Spade (image, right)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The "WTHeyyy!!??" Round-up!

Terrible floral, patchwork crazy print, overdose of sequins and a horribly huge bow all make up this edition of the 'WTHeyyy' list!

Anupama Verma

Neha Dhupia

Divya Khosla

Chitrashi Rawat

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A Graphic Face Off!

Both Sajid Khan and Tushar Kapoor decided to sport graphic tees at the IIFA Bling for Biba event and while I don't care for either (Ghost busters on a grown man? Cool and sexy? Really??), but if one must choose, who comes out on the top?

But hey, remember Aftab's tee from ‘Spider-Man 3’ premiere? Nothing can be as bad as that!!

Try hard much?

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The Reign Of "Empire" Ruined!

While we do appreciate Sonali trying to step away from bright colors, someone also needs to tell her that she needs to stop wearing these short empire waist dresses she's been sporting recently.

An empire waist, firstly, looks good if you have a noticeably narrow waist which Sonali doesn't really have. Secondly, when wearing such a trend, either wear a long gown or pair the outfit with a dark pair of denims so that the whole outfit makes you look taller and leaner. In Sonali's case, both dresses make her look short and stout which she totally could have avoided!

Let's hope her next appearance is a notch above these last few!

Subhash Avchat’s Art Exhibition

Lakme Fashion Week Fall 2008

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Spell It Like Kangana!

Have you noticed how Kangana has a penchant for owning bags that always have the brand name spelt out in big letters! ;) Does she not know how to be subtle and still make a statement?

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Found: Minissha's Print Dress!

Minissha Lamba

Nikasha Tawade Sring 2008

Don't miss the same dress on Nina Manuel! While the dress looked short enough of Minissha already, it seems really short on the model too! Nevertheless, love the print!

Edit: Thanks to Avanti. This was the Jodhaa Akbar Premiere!
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The Yin And Yang Of Bag Sporting!!

After Sagarika's Coach, and Nandita's Balenciaga, we spotted both Coach and Balenciaga handbags on the Dutt sisters.

I was never on-board even when the Balenciaga 'Motorcycle' Bag hit its iconic 'It' bag status (quite a while ago), but compared to that hideous patchwork Coach, I'd take anything! But maybe next time Namrata can take her sister Priya, bag shopping?

P.S: How funny is the fact that at the book reading session of ‘MR and MRS Dutt: Memories of our Parents’ at the Oxford book store, Namrata Dutt couldn't resist picking up a copy of Vogue?

Borrow The Balenciaga 'Motorcycle' Handbag Via BagBorrowSteal
Borrow The Coach Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote Via BagBorrowSteal