Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shobha De's Christmas Collection

While other designers were busy designing bridal wear, Shobha De obviously had to do something different. She decided to do a collection based on the most popular festival celebrated all over the world. Christmas. Her new saree collection, called the Snowflakes Collection is a glamorous line inspired by the spirit and colors of Christmas and of course, the snowflake.

I must say, I am quite impressed by this collection. Unlike the previous collection, which was mostly consisted of printed saris, this collection with all the embroidery seems a much more interesting and gives Shobha De more credibility as a designer!

To see more of her collection, go here.


Kajol: Looking Anything But Luxurious the inaugural of Gitanjali's Luxury Style Fest 2007, Kajol couldn't have looked any more boring in her dull blue outfit. Considering this is a style fest where top designers are showcasing their designs, Gitanjali should have just borrowed an outfit for Kajol which she coudl have shown up in.

Here are two outfits that we spotted that we think would have looked much better on Kajol!


A Different Drape

At an event for Nakshatra diamonds, we spotted Aishwarya wearing a sari but tied differently. Making us wonder now if Shaina NC had anything to do with it?

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Rohit Bal ABN Amro Fashion Show

Could there be a tie-up involving a designer and there be no fashion show. Of course not! And so, Rohit Bal had a fashion show to showcase the new designs inspired by the designs he created for the ABN AMRO credit card. And who better to showcase these designs better than friends! I am loving the black and silver theme except on the saris. As you can see, for a big busted woman, the silver blouse ain't flattering at all!

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Friday, December 21, 2007


That's number two for Bips, who seems to influencing the styles of quite a few peeps these days! Another tit-bit about this Gauri and Nainika dress is that Clooney who was also at the film festival was impressed by it and told Pooja, "Wow, your gown looks beautiful!"

Above: Pooja Bedi at the 4th Dubai International Film Festival
Below: Bipasha at Vogue India launch

Leopard-Print: All The Craze This Week

The Good: Maheka Mirpuri at Swarovski Fashion show

The Bad: Soniya Mehra at Swarovski fashion show

The Just Plain Ugly: Isha Koppikar at Hello Darling launch


Diamond Dreams.

Getting Married? Wanna make all other brides green with envy? Then you might want this vermillion fish tail lehenga designed by Sunny Mishra for ÉTERNITÉ NOIR ET BLANC. The lehenga is embellished with gold thread work and 200 carats worth of diamonds and will cost you only 10 lakhs!

If that amount is not an issue for you, then you should also note that to be able to buy this lehenga, ÉTERNITÉ NOIR ET BLANC wants you as a potential client to either own a private jet and/or be a celebrity in your own right!

Now that the outfit is taken care of,the only issue you have is what kind of jewelry to wear with this lehenga, isn't it? ;)

Bad Hair Day?

Is it me or Simone's hair just totally kills this look. The suit is so pretty but the hair..


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vidya in Sabyasachi!

Talk about a huuuge step. Now, that has to be a slap in the face to Manish! First Rani, now Vidya. Oooh, we love such drama! Hopefully, Vidya keeps it up and doesn't slip right away!

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The theme of Subi's calendar was comical, but at the event the most comical character had to be Maria Goretti in this ensemble!

And on a separate note, while I loved Gul in these oxford boots when she wore it with a black dress, the color clash between the boots and the outfit is too much to handle! How can they miss such simple things. It is always a mystery to me. Don't people look in the mirror anymore?


Rohit Bal: Credit Card Designer?

Yep. It is true. Rohit Bal has designed a series of credit cards for ABN AMRO. The platinum series credit card features symbols like the lotus and peacock.

Says Rohit about the design - “I chose to incorporate prominent national symbols like the lotus, peacock and aspects of Mughal architecture. I chose the colour black and silver, as it’s a platinum card. Lotus symbolifies beauty and simplicity and the peacock stands for growth and thirst. The architecture gives it an old world charm,”

Who needs the AMEX Black anymore now that I can have a Rohit Bal CC in my wallet!

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Getting It Right.

At the launch of Nakshatra's latest collection of jewelry, it was refreshing to see Aishwarya not completely blinged unlike some other peeps!

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Wardrobe Change!

Don't know the reason but we spotted Sophie change from one Ed Hardy Tank top into another Ed Hardy T. Now now Sophie, let's not go overboard with the label fixation!

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Sin (In The) City!

Before we start giving kudos to Subi Samuel for his new calendar "Alchemy", where he features actors as comic charactors, let's rewind back to the times of Frank Miller.

Anyone who has seen "Sin City" or read Frank Miller comics will know what I am talking about! The whole calendar is a rip-off of Frank Miller's style and I don't see an iota of reference to the guy!

Above is an image of one of the posters for Sin City and below are some from Subi Samuel's calendar. See the similarities!

To see more pictures from the calendar, go here.


For Celina's Sake..

... we hope that this new (and ugly) hair do, is just for the movie "Hello Darling" and is not something permanent. If a pretty Preity couldn't pull this look off (and she can pull anything off!), I doubt Celina can. Plus, we never saw Preity wear it to public events, so why is Celina. Is this a new way of marketing a movie? Stay in character throughout!


Mix N Match! Sometime Work! Sometime Don't!

The woman has it. She has style! She just seem to falls off the wagon more often than stay on it. Classic example! Same top with a skirt! Looks elegant! Same Top with denims and "tond" showing! You know what that looks like!

Above: Priyanka at Subi Samuel Calendar Launch
Below: Priyanka at Spice Local Lingo Service Launch

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Swinging Highs And Swinging Lows

She had a bad day. Then a good day. And then a bad day. And then... you get the drift. And now this.. this is what Priyanka Chopra wore to the launch of Subi Samuel and Marching Ants' Alchemy Calender 2008. I can't even begin to make anything of this outfit. Singularly that corset top and those denims are fine but both together? I hate the whole bare midriff look for 'formal' events, its just so tacky!

A miss in my book but you tell us, hit, or miss?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Satya Paul Inspiration III Collection

Satya Paul's third installment of his Inspirational collection was showcased this month. The collection is inspired by the works of Magritte and Picasso.

I particularly liked this sari with the print of a rose labeled "This is not a rose". The sari makes the obvious reference to Magritte's famous image, The Treachery of Images, that features a pipe with a label "I am not a pipe".

To see more of the collection, go here. You can also shop online for Satya Paul sarees here.

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