Saturday, April 5, 2008

Runway To (Red) Carpet

Dia @ Sansui Awards

Rocky S Spring 2008

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Not Just Their Everyday Wear..

...they recycle stage outfits too.. ;)

Kareena @ Miss India 2008

Kareena @ Filmfare Awards

Bipasha @ Miss India 2008

Bipasha @ Apsara Awards

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The Look For Much Less

We all know that you don't have to break the bank to look good and you also don't have to break the bank to get the look that some of our favorite stars sport.

While researching for a post, I stumbled upon this gown that reminded me so much of Preity's dress, the one she wore to the Gucci launch party, that I had to share.

I love Preity's version, but I really love this version in white! For $170, this gown is definitely a steal!

Buy via Dillards


The Worse Off, Face Off!

Who wore the bad jacket worse?

Sameera Reddy

Mariah Carey

But considering Mariah has this monstrosity in every shade, maybe we should let off Sameera easy?

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In Love With Jaisalmer

It was love at first sight when I came across the Jaisalmer Collection from John Hardy... Designed with the same dots that John Hardy is so known for, and hand-crafted in silver and 18k gold, the pieces are just so beautiful! My favorites have to be the ring inspired by the carved stone lattice-work in the Indian desert palaces and that beautiful Jaisalmer Dot Cuff (pictures, above)!!

Now, if only they weren't so darned pricey I'd get all of them! :)

For more of the collection and how to buy, go HERE!!

Tips Picked Up At LFW?

None, apparently by Suchitra and Sonali, who continue to torture us with their complete lack of style!

Suchitra @ Shaurya Premiere

Sonali @ Indian Fashion Academy

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Being Human

We spotted Salman recently wearing a Tshirt from his new clothing line. The line features his signature paintings and the proceeds from all sales goes to his charity, Being Human.

If you were wondering that there might not be any takers, looks like he has already found one fan!

Salman Khan

Kailash Surendranath

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Not Again!

We have seen Nandita Mahtani repeat her skirt and that Fendi B Belt, again, and again, and again! So of course it came as no surprise when we spotted her again during the Lakme Fashion Week in the famed skirt and belt!! But you'd think at her own show (pic, above), she'd have gone with something else!!

At Manish Malhotra's Show

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Flashing Some Love!

Spotted Amrita Arora at the Lakme Fashion Week sporting a 'Love' bangle which totally reminded me of those Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles!

Jessica's bangles are all hand carved and hand inked, and are so spunky, irreverent and tongue in cheek that you just gotta love them- "Do You Have Any Idea Who I Am?", "Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?" and one of my favorites, "Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime" surely scores over "Love", no?

Buy The Jessica Kagan Cushman Bangles Via Neiman Marcus



We thought this green dress worn by Bipasha looked quite familiar, and weren't we right! Thats cuz, Bhavna Bawa, has one in a red too! And, if you are wondering who she is... we don't know either.. we just care about the outfit! ;)

Bipasha Basu

Bhavna Bawa

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Seeing Stars!

Here's what caught our eye at Wendell's show during the Lakme Fashion Week, not his clothes but the shoes... Aren't they strikingly similar to shoes from YSL Spring 2008 ready to wear collection?

(Images on the left from Wendell's runway, Images on the right from YSL Spring 2008 RTW runway)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Their Style Icon: Ash!

While everybody is talking about how Rani wore an attire so similar to Ash, we are more interested in Rakshanda imitating Aishwarya's style! This isn't the first time that she has done it either!

Rani Mukherjee @ Sabyasachi Show

Aishwarya @ Longines Launch

Rakshanda @ Lakme Fashion Week

Aishwarya @ Ambani Harmony

Edit: Updated Rakshanda Pic

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Yet Again!

Caught. Rani repeating an outfit last week at Paresh Maity's exhibition in Delhi. This time it was the one that she wore to Sabyasachi's show last year.

Paresh Maity Exhibition

Sabyasachi Spring 2008 Lakme Fashion Week

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Another Spotting!

Spotted Chhaya Momaya at the Aza fashion week party sporting what I think was a Roberto Cavalli Snake Cuff!

Buy The Snake Bangle Via Eluxury

Roberto Cavalli is certainly not for the woman who wants to draw no attention to herself...

What do you all think of the Gecko Cuff? OTT Or OSF (Oh-So-Fabulous)??

Buy The Gecko Bangle Via Eluxury


Found: Neetu's Tunic

The fabulous Neetu Singh attended the Lakme Fashion Week dressed in a tunic from Tory Burch.

I love the tunics from Tory Burch for their amazing fits, especially the plainer, non-print, marginally embellished ones! They are flattering on any body type and are so timeless and understated!

Buy The Tory Beaded Henley Top Via Neiman Marcus


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LFW: Sabyasachi

"Sanctuary" by Sabyasachi, was whipped up in a mere month, but would you believe it looking at the clothes! The silhouttes are inspired by the 50's and 70's and made from plastic, linen, snake and crocodile leather, chiffon and more. While, last year, he had his models in a "damsel in distress" look, this year he opted for wide rimmed glasses.