Saturday, January 5, 2008

Keeping It Simple?

Vidya @ Star Voice of India

We have been noticing this trend where actors wear a very simple outfit that is embellished with gemstones. While the concept seems interesting, we are yet to see a really good example of this. Vidya's and Katrina's outfits totally lack that "wow" factor.

On the other hand, if the outfits did wow us, we would have everybody wearing it, wouldn't we? Did you forget about the "Anarkali" already?

Katrina @ Jhalak Dikhlaja


Friday, January 4, 2008

Bag Spotting

We don't care that Saif got Kareena's name tattoed on his arm! We don't care that Kareena's been bullying Priyanka! What we do care about is the bag that we caught Kareena carrying while she whisked off to Greece with Mr Khan a day early to get some "Quality" time!

The bag in question is the Yves Saint Laurent Medium Muse that retails for about $1195. Personally, I prefer some of the other YSL bags, but if this bag has caught your fancy, you can buy it here.

Buy via YSL


Spotted: A Denim Sandwich!

One of a major fashion faux-pas was recently committed by Sweta Keswani at the Nach Baliye success party. She showed up to the party wearing a denim jacket with a denim skirt, a look more commonly known as A Denim Sandwich and a look that is also a major fashion faux-pas!

You never wear denim on denim, be it a skirt or pants. In fact, when wearing denim, just make sure you are only wearing one piece that is denim. Simple!

Here are some who got the denim look right by coordinating their denim with other items and look how great that looks!

And while we are on the topic of the denim sandwich, ladies, do make sure that your men also don't ever get caught in this look too!

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Getting It Right With Tights

Spotted Simone Singh at the Chateau d'Ori launch, and she totally worked her look with some fabulous black tights...perhaps the hottest trend of the moment! Slimming and Fall/Winter perfect, what more could you ask for...

Take a peak at some of these other ladies working the trend...

Left: Kate Moss
Right: Paris Hilton

Left: Sienna Miller
Right: Zooey Deschanel


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Amrapali On SMG

While most were going crazy over Sarah Michelle Gellar's Lanvin Pearl and Satin Necklace($715), they didn't notice the Amrapali diamond bangles that she also wore with the same outfit. If you thought the price of the necklace was a tad bit much, then this piece of info won't comfort you at all. The 18k gold bangles with rose cut diamonds range from a mere $7000 to $14000. Pocket change for people like SMG, isn't it!


How Not To Wear It!

Where do we start with how many things Yukta has gone wrong with?

An overdose of prints. Check!
Cropped Pants with short boots. Check!
Furry ugly jacket that PETA should confiscate. Check!
Too much color coordination yet again. Check!

Yukta needs to take a few lessons from these pretty ladies who know how to wear their cropped pants!

The best part of cropped pants are that you really can wear them all year round depending on the footwear. In summer, you pair em with sandals or flat. In winters, wear them with knee high boots. You definitely wanna make sure though when wearing boots is that the hemline of the pants fall over the boots. There shouldn't be any skin showing. That is a big no-no! If the boots fall a little short, cover up with opaque tights. That way you don't break the flow and that also makes you appear taller!

So now you know how not to wear it. Hopefully, Yukta one day learns how not to too!

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Two Avatars In Classic White: Faceoff

Couple of weeks ago, within a span of just about two-three days, Malaika Arora pulled off two very different looks in white...personally though, preferred her look at the Oriflame launch in Delhi, très chic!

What works better for her you think?

Left: At Oriflame Launch
Right: At Gladrags Mrs India Contest


Raj By Natori

There has never been a shortage of Asian inspired textiles when it comes to decorating a home and there have always been a myriad of options to choose from, whether its Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel or even Etro. And, one such Indian inspired collection I recently came across, was at Bloomingdales.

Buy Via Bloomingdales

'Raj' is a bamboo/cotton bedding line with intricate patterns and beautiful designs from Natori. I particularly like the long and narrow, rectangular cushion/pillow. 'Sleeping-in' just a tad longer, gets easier and easier!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Would You Wear It?

I have been looking at accessories of various designers' from their Spring Ready To Wear 2008 collections and some of these 'crazy-super-over-the-top' shoes jumped out at me..

What do you think? See yourself in any?

Left: Christian Dior
Right: Christian Louboutin

Left: Fendi
Right: Manolo Blahnik

Left: Marc Jacobs
Right: Miu Miu

Left: Prada
Right: Sergio Rossi

Left: Valentino
Right: Yves Saint Laurent


Chloé Delivers Another Miss

I don't know what bothers me more about the Chloé Anoushka bag, the fact that it is so ugly or the fact that it is so ugly at $1560.00! Being sold exclusively at Saks, this bizarre wrap-around style bag just doesn't work!

Buy Via Saks

But then, the house of Chloé has been having quite a few misses where bags are concerned. You only need to take one look at the 'Maya' and the 'Kerala' bags to see what I mean...

Buy The Large Maya Shoulder Bag (Left) Via NetAPorter
Buy The Kerala Bowling Bag (Right) Via NetAPorter

I think the last bag that I liked from Chloé was the Paddington and even then, it was so long ago and so done! Not to mention, how heavy that bag is.. a great way to perhaps tone those arms but I'd personally give it a pass!

And, what is with all the Indian name references?!?!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rockin In Rocky S

..was Bipasha at the JW Marriot's New Year Bash. Little birdie told us that her performance wasn't upto par though! Tsk Tsk

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Can't wait to see the new trends, the red carpet stars, the red carpet disasters. As always, we will keep you posted about everything!

We also thank everyone who takes a moment of their time to read this blog!

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Too Much Color Coordination

When boleros were (read: WERE!) in fashion, you still never matched it to your top. Yukta seems to have totally missed out on that tip! Tsk Tsk. This one should stand behind Amrita Rao in the "Wanted: A Stylist Urgently" line!

Sahara Star Press Conference

A Mighty Heart Premiere

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

From Ramp(al) To Road

We spotted Arjun Rampal wearing the same Ed Hardy Tee on the ramp in Delhi and then at the beach in Goa within a matter of days.

Above: Sunburn Festival, Goa

Below: Ed Hardy Launch, Delhi

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Just A Scarf, It Is Not!

If you think the scarves adorned by Jessica and Drew are just another "desi" scarf, we have to say you are quite mistaken.

These "Sir Alistair Rai" scarves and other accessories are a big favorite amongst the Hollywood Junta. Young and old, almost everyone in LA land owns one of Kiran Rai's creation.

While the rest of her collection is reasonably priced, it is understandeable that the most expensive pieces are the scarves which cost more than a $100 a piece. The scarves are one of a kind, which partially bumps the price. The other part we think is because of the celebrity-worn factor! ;)

They are still pretty cool, we think, and if you want one of these or any other item, you can purchase them here.