Saturday, November 24, 2007

What "Channel" Are You On Laila?

This is what happens when you don't proof read!

The Day After Black Friday!

Other reasons? We want to know!

Simone On Mission Ustad

I am really torn on Simone's outfit. As much as I like the style and the colors, somehow I think the length of the kameez makes her look short. What I would love to do is take that kameez, snip of the sleeves and pair it with some hot stilettos and that would look goood!

What do y'all think of Simone?


Corrected: Thanks yusra!

On An Aside.

Are you this close to your Ma-in-law? Can you put your arm around her? We all hate her even more now, don't we!


Bips' Not So "Peep-Toe" Peep-Toes

Above: Bipasha at Goal Premiere

Peep Toes are sexy when they just show a bit of the toe. But Bips' peep toe pumps are less peep and a whole lotta toe!


Friday, November 23, 2007

HHC:Now On Uber Desi!

Uber Desi asked us politely! We said "YES" eagerly! And so, from today onwards we are starting our duties as guest bloggers! Go check out our first post!

Aditi Inspired By Malaika?

While Malaika wore a full sleeve shirt with her capri, Aditi decided to be more daring and wear hers with a black bustier. Its uncanny how the bangles Aditi is wearing is exactly the same as Malaika.

While you are now deciding on whether Aditi is a copycat, don't miss the Gucci Crystal Clutch on Aditi. Personally, I prefer Malaika's clutch.

Buy via Neiman Marcus

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An Ode To Jeetendra?

We really hope that's what was on Rohit Roy's mind when he decided to go all white. Or else, maybe he was trying for an image makeover after shamelessly pinching Dia's heine.

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Vogue India Ups The Ante!

A bevy of beauties wearing outfits made by India's top designers! I think I know what I want for Christmas, Santa! The Vogue December Issue!

Here is a snippet of the interviews with the designer..

Define the woman you've created for the Vogue cover in one word.
Individualistic — ASHISH SONI
The woman we designed the dress for is a woman with a strong design sense who likes to flaunt the Indian flavor on her, although she likes it to be subtle yet influential. She is a global women and doesn’t belong to any caste, color or origin NIKHIL (SHANTANU & NIKHIL)

Read more here, if you have Adobe Reader, else read the web version here

Nauheed/Koel: Shoe Sharing?

Ewwww! We are really really hoping that Nauheed and Koel just bought the same pair of shoes and are not sharing this golden pump!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Myleene's Indian Avatars

British pop singer Myleene Klass has been sporting Indian outfits at her appearances in Mumbai. What's not working for her is the lack of jewelry and the ill-fitting choli. But, she does look good in the green modified sari. What do you think?

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Same Style, A Different Day.

Only Major Difference. Abhi's Mane!

"London and India: Partners in Globalisation" Event

Screening of "Guru" at UCLA

Much better than the outfit Aishwarya wore to the Bombay Times Bash.

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Suchitra: Not Quite At A Golden Age

If a pretty Sagarika could not pull this outfit off, what would make Suchitra think that she could? She wore the same exact dress to the premiere of "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" held in Mumbai.

We now give Sagaraike some credit for pairing that ugly dress with some nice hot pumps! Cuz, Suchitra's gold churidaar and ugly white shoes is giving us the "uggg" feeling!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Talk To The Hand!

Maybe Kim has caught on how we've been dissing her fashion style!

Can you really blame us though!! Just take one look at the quilted dress on the left and the ill-fitting sheath dress on the right and you will know exactly why we have been on her case!

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Say No To Plastic! Part Deux

First, it was Preity Zinta who made a statement at the Lakme Fashion Week with her "Say No To Plastic" jute bag. Now, Konkona Sen Sharma has tied up with Cottonworld to promote their initiative to do away with plastic bags and give their customers cloth carry bags.

The woman is an avid fan of cotton as is reflected in her choice of clothing. Notice her wearing a cotton Arshiya Fakih top, the same was showcased recently at the Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2008.

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We Are "Naach"ing Now, Mads!

Pardon the Hinglish. We were just wondering if Madhuri is reading our blog too? We just posted about her getting into some trendy designer clothes and now look at her! She showed up on the Nach Baliye sets out and about in an Anarkali style Salwar-Kameez! Now, we are definitely mad about "Mads" now!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hard(l)y Surily

We hardly expected Surily to be caught in an Ed Hardy t-shirt at the 50 Cent Show. The trend seemed.. so been there.. done with.. After all Surily, you are a designer, you should be setting a trend, not following it.

If you still want to get your hands on one, go here to buy via Ed Hardy Shop.


Kaftan Kravings

They are roomy.. They are comfy.. They can be stylish too! Check out some of the leading ladies(and some not so..) of Hollywood sporting some kaftans and kaftan inspired gowns.

Eva Mendez

Jennifer Garner

Cate Blanchett

Kate Hudson

Rachel Griffiths

Rachel Griffiths

Pamela Anderson


Miss Bollywood

Aah.. it must be such a headache to wear heavy duty outfits for bollywood musicals.
Maybe that's what happened to Shilpa's head gear!

Look at it.. Going!




Liz's Indian Avatars

I must say, I was inspired to do this post after reading this rediff post. It got me intrigued after reading it, as to how many times Mrs Nayar been sporting the look.

I must say, after the first few times, the woman has mastered the art of carrying the pallu stylishly!

May 2007

Mar 2007

Mar 2007

Mar 2007

Oct 2005

April 2005

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