Friday, February 22, 2008

Bag Spotting

Whoa, Anupama Verma must still be making some reallly big bucks! How else was she able to get this LV Griet Tote!! The bag first featured on Scarlett Johanssen when she did the LV promos and the last time we checked, the listing on eBay for the tote was for more than $3000.

Some people just have all the luxuries in life! So unfair!!!

Bid via Ebay


Anonymous said...

hey guys - just came across this site.. its a great blog! :)
p.s - any idea where anupama's shoes are from i.e. what designer/brand etc. thanks

Anonymous said... even flop, has-been actresses(??) are making enough moolah to fund their extravagant desires...she looks like such a career, no impressive resume to boast of except her flings and her stint at that reality show...these kind of so-called 3rd page-wannabes make me sick!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^sooooooo true

love and squalor said...

dear anon#2: she's already made it: for pete's sake, I'm sure she's been on the telly more than you and I ever have been. so why do you have a problem with how she spends her money, again? coz she's not successful enough for you?
let's only pick on people's style not their entire personalities while we're here.

Payal said...

anonymous #1,
They might be the gucci horsebit pumps. Here is one in with silver hardware.

Anonymous said...

great bag, a little too loud, for my taste, but then Indians with new money want to show they have it. Nothing wrong with that tho' but you do not have to wear it all together. About her being a has been etc, and two bit, she does exactly come from a poor family you know, so get off her case.