Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shades Of Grey. A FaceOff

Both Deepa Mehta and Sridevi decided to go with somber greys!

While the former attended the reception of Vilasrao Deshmukh's son in Mumbai, the other attended the Marwah anniversary party in Delhi, but both in those dull color tones! Who fared better though?

Left: Deepa Sahi at a Reception Party
Right: Sridevi At An Anniversary Party

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Waist Not. Want Not.

Before seeing Twinkle, I had the mindset that nobody can pay me enough to wear the high-waisted pants. But, I must admit, although I hate this particular trend that a lot of celebrities have dabbled into, I am surprised that Twinkle doesn't look all that bad in the high-waisted skinny pants.

Are you a big fan of the high-waisted trend?

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Way back in December we had spotted Kareena Kapoor in this Emilio Pucci 'Love Print Dress' at the HT Cafe Awards, and quite recently, I spotted Lindsay Price of 'Lipstick Jungle' (who plays the designer 'Victory Ford') in that very same dress...

Care to Buy?

Left: Kareena Kapoor At HT Cafe Awards
Right: Lindsay Price As 'Victory Ford' For 'Lipstick Jungle'

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The Battle Of Pink

First it was Gauri with that hideous shade of neon pink/mauve lipstick at Farah Ali's anniversary party/filmfare after-party that did absolutely nothing for her and now I spot Sameera Reddy in that shade of disaster!

While I can make no excuses for Gauri, except perhaps lack of mirrors and other shiny surfaces in her vicinity, what do you think of Sameera's look?

For me, this round goes to Sameera owing purely to the 'in-comparison-factor'!

You agree?

Gauri Khan

Sameera Reddy

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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Drastic Improvement!

Has the "I don't give a damn" Kajol been reading the papers lately? She received a lot of flak for her poor outfit choices at her recent public appearances, and now has decided to step it up!

And what a step! The lady looks great in the white pants, something a lot of people shy away from since it doesn't hide the curves too well!

I just hope that this lasts! And, I also hope that I don't see mismatched or revealing innerwear under these whites.

At Radio One

At Toonpur Ka Superhero Launch


Chanel's Latest: Love It Or Hate It?

Chanel Fall 2008

The last collection had purses worn on ankles, and at the Paris Fashion Week, Chanel introduced some really futuristic style clutches as part of their Fall 2008 collection.

What do you think of these new babies?


More Clutch Spotting

Blame China for producing so many fakes that just about everyone struts around with the now (in)famous LV monogrammed bag. But, every now and then, other monogram haters like me carry items from LV's other collections, like this "Limelight" clutch on Farah Ali at the launch of OPI's "Indian collection".

Now, this clutch, I really really like and it looks good on everything! While, the LV site has the black and gold version, you can search on eBay for the silver one. Just be ready to shell out a lot more cash for it though!

Buy via Louis Vuitton

Clutch Spotting

Some love it, some hate it. The Fendi Crossword has gotten mixed reviews since it first made an appearance. In my opinion, I think the clutch has potential and would look good when coordinated with the right outfit. A look that doesn't distract from the bag. Too bad, that just never seems to happen.

First, it was Kangana's boots that killed it. Now, Brinda's hot pink outfit that do nothing to cover her "tond", distract yet again!

Brinda Parikh

Kangana Ranaut

Buy via eLUXURY

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How To: Wear Bright Colors

Kashmira @ All India Achievers

Udita @ Filmfare Awards

Nothing better than a dash of color on the red carpet. It is a welcome change, specially when the eyes are tired of seeing the same ole LBDs. Somehow though, what seemed like a good idea on paper just doesn't seem right in reality, as seen in the case of Kashmira and Udita.

The idea, though, was executed perfectly, by Cate and Sarah, who also wore bright colors and pulled it off without looking ridiculous! Their secret? Stay away from satin, when wearing such a color!

Cate Blanchett

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Getting High Heeled With Choo

We have seen Priyanka Chopra with a Jimmy Choo Clutch before, so we knew it was only a matter of time before we'd spot her in some Choo shoes! And we did, at the Filmfare awards, Ms. Chopra got high-heeled in some beautiful Choos!

Another person who loves her Choo is Kahkashan Patel, we've seen her sport her Choo clutch again and again! We also didn't miss the fact that she loves her Jimmy Choo shoes, we've seen her in those shoes so many many times!! Here's a newer version of the shoe, a fabulous metallic t-strap from the current collection and if you want indulge in a bit of shoe fetish, go HERE to Buy!


Talk About Bad Fashion!

Calling this a fashion faux pas would be an insult to your intelligence, not to mention an understatement of infinite proportion. So we won't.

Except, you know what we are thinking don't you?

Left: Anupama Verma At RedFM 93.5 Bajate Raho Awards
Right: Poonam Dhillon At Gr8 Women Aciever Awards


That Bag Spotting Thing!

Ekta Raheja has one of these in white and now spotted Sophie Chaudhary at the Araaish event with the Chanel! Also seen was Juhi Chawla with her Lady Dior!! (Oh, and if you are curious, the unidentified lady in the centre with Juhi Chawla is carrying the Fendi Baulotto Bag!!)

Sophie Chaudhary With Chanel

Juhi Chawla With Dior

We did do quite a bit of Bag Spotting and all the usual suspects were there! Manyata and Bhagyashree were carrying the same ol' Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags (respectively), so blah!

Bhagyashree With Gucci

Manyata With Louis Vuitton

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Madhoo's Hermes Kelly came out to play again. Knotted scarf and all.

At Araaish Event

At Marc Cain Fashion Show

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Its A Sister Thing?

They have done it before, so why not again?!!

Went on a shopping expedition together?

Malaika At Araaish Event

Amrita At Global Indian Awards

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What Makes It So Special?

Shreya has been rather fond of that lil' ol' bag! The only kink...for the life of me, I can't figure out just why!!

At The Bash For Gateway

At Stardust Awards

At The Premiere Of Asterix

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Again and Again!

Ah, there is that belt again!!

At Vogue Launch

At Gr8 Women Achiever Awards

Ms. Zinta has really upped the ante on the chic factor!! First there was this and now this at the Women Achiever awards!! I love her deep metallic iron-grey outfit!! On anyone else it might have been a bit much but she absolutely makes it work! Très Chic!!

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In addition to wearing designer clothing, Deepika and Kareena were also wearing earrings from a collection designed by Farah Ali Khan for DeBeers. Not only do they get "bling"ed in Farah's designs, the ladies also get to party at Farah's new club "Bling".

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Am I Seeing Double?

Nalandda Bhandari Spring Summer 2008

Marchesa Spring Summer 2008

While the Marchesa and the Nalandda Bhandari are absolutely identical, right from the opening at the neckline, the sleeves, the work on the hemline etc, look how similar the Dior and Surily Goel are. Barring the belt on Surily gown, the straps, the detail at the bust, the puffed hemline/ ruching are quite similar...

Spotted one that is identical. Spotted one that is similar. Its quite hard to miss!

Plagiarism, copyright infringement and downright copying have been plaguing the fashion industry for a while now, perhaps because it is so hard to define the rightful intellectual property and there is such a thin line between plagiarism and "inspiration"! There have been way too many incidents, all you need to do is run a google search and you'll see, but then, neither do I see an easy solution to this!

I love these designers but its hard to ignore plagiarism and not feel just a tad let down!!

If a picture is worth thousand words, why do I need to say more?

In Dior At Toronto Film Festival

In Surily Goel At Vogue Launch

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Katrina (Un)Covered

Seems like the only one giving Kareena a run for her money is Ms. Kaif. Katrina is featured on the Verve February issue wearing a Tarun Tahiliani outfit from his Spring 2008 collection. Don't see much photoshop on this cover happening? What say you?

Katrina in Verve

Tarun Tahiliani Spring 2008

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