Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Classic White And Blue Faceoff

Urvashi definitely wins this round for having a more completed look. Sameera's only gotta look down at her chappals to realize why she lost this round.

Sameera Reddy

Urvashi Sharma


Friday, December 14, 2007

Mirror Image?

Priyanka Chopra @ Bangalore

Deepika Padukone @ Fame Malad


Nights In (White) Satin

Satin seems to be the numero uno choice for nightwear amongst all our actresses.


Urvashi Sharma @ Gitanjali Group NY Announcement

Bipasha Basu @ Shooting of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal

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Beautiful Skin Is In?

It seems more like the subliminal message of this Anne French campaign is that "Fairer Skin Is In"! You don't think that Kareena wearing white to this campaign is just a coincidence, do ya?

Either ways, I am comfortable in my skin. Are you?

But controversies apart, this gown that Kareena is wearing for sure is getting under my skin!

Again And Again?

Great Outfit. Great Accessories! The footwear...a completely different story!

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Beyonce Fell While Wearing Rocky S?

I just read an article that spoke about how Rocky S has designed some outfits for Beyonce for her concert tour and upcoming events and they had this picture which makes me believe he designed this outfit.

But the funny part is that Beyonce took a tumble in front of a live audience a while ago and here is a picture of that event! Anything look familiar?? ;)

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The Dubai Weather Get To Them?

That is the only reason I can think of as to why all these pretty ladies wore such weird outfits to the premiere of Mira Nair's "AIDS Jaago" at the 4th Dubai International Film Festival.

Where do I begin with Shabana Azmi! We have the ugly hairstyle. We have the bad make-up. We have this nice sari but then I am not sure where that big patch of plain black cloth is coming from! Are Indian designers also having to cut costs?

Then you have Ayesha Dharker with her blingy earrings! Did she borrow them from the "Bombay Dreams" costume department? And maybe it's just me, but I dont consider it fashionable when the sari hangs below the one "you know what"! I am all about the traditional drape! Yeehah!

Next, you have Pooja Batra who wore a really busy anarkali outfit to the Taj Mahal premiere, and now she chose a sari with another busy print! The zebra print! She should thank the Lord that she is still skinny and that takes away half the "ugg" from what this outfit would have been!

Finally, we had Raima. I don't understand. You wear Sabyasachi for a photocall, why can't you wear a gorgeous Sabyasachi for the evening affair. We all know he has so many to offer!


Raima In Sabyasachi @ DIFF

I love love love Sabyasachi and his weird color combinations on his designs sometimes look out of this world, but the one that Raima wore to the photocall of the short film "Aids Jaago" directed by Mira Nair just doesn't quite gel together!

At this photocall, I think Mira Nair steals the limelight with her simple white salwar suit!

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Too Much Of A Good Thing?

The pictures below are of Deepika Padukone photographed at various events, and other than the same staid styling and one humdrum look after another...notice anything else?

She seems rather fond of that belt doesn't she?

Left: Deepika Endorses Parachute Oil
Right: Deepika At Fame Malad

Left: Deepika, Brand Ambassador, Levis
Right: Deepika, Brand Ambassador, Tissot

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter White

Who says you can't wear white after Labor day? Look at Neetu Kappor née Singh! She paired a printed tunic from Tarun Tahiliani with white pants and a white Chanel bag! The white balances all that print rather well, reaching that overall effect of 'me-likey'!

Don't be afraid of wearing 'print'. The key is to team one busy piece of clothing with everything else that is subdued and subtle so that it not only balances the overall impression but also nicely accents the print! After all, noone really wants to go looking like a tablecloth!


Johnny Come Lately?

Left: Gauri Khan
Right: Avanti Birla

We first spotted Gauri Khan in a Dolce and Gabbana outfit. Avanti Birla too donned on a Dolce and Gabbana outfit. Both sported that same wide belted waist. And then, weeks and weeks later, we saw Aishwarya wearing an outfit that had the same wide belted accent on the waist!

Left: Sridevi
Right: Urmila

The same quite happened with the anarkali look too! We saw everyone flaunting the look much before we saw Aishwarya emerge in it!

Do you think its an intentional,'am-no-slave-to-fashion-stance' of hers, or she is just 'fashionably clueless'? Based on her former faux pas, one tends to believe the latter!

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Much OTT?

Left: At Ensemble's 20th Anniversary Party
Right: At The Inauguration Of Shobha Asar's Jewellery Store
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Calling socialite Laila Lamba's choice of outfits, 'over the top' might be quite an understatement! Even when she does decide to dress down, as in the picture below, there is still so much to work on! That turquoise belt she is sporting is an absolute stunner, but then, she pairs that with those super dangly chandelier earrings and those beads on her neck, which only take away from the over-all effect!

Remember people, when accessorizing, less is more, less is more!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

H Is For Hermes, Baby!

Left: Lindsay Lohan
Right: Madhoo
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Spotted Madhoo at Shobha Asar's opening in an Hermes belt and coincidentally, around the same time, across continents, Lindsay Lohan was photographed too in an Hermes belt! Hermes is quite the iconic label and almost all that it does, epitomizes timelessness! This belt, while all about simplicity and casual elegance, does comes steep at $480 ! But what can one do, its Hermes. Right?

Buy Via Hermes

Birds Of A Feather?

Left: Priyanka Chopra At Shobha Asar Jewellery Store Inauguration
Right: Sophie Chaudhary At 13th Bombay Times Anniversary Party

Priyanka Chopra was roped in to inaugurate Shobha Asar's new jewellery store in Mumbai and it was really refreshing to see a minimally accessorized actress at a jewellery store opening and not feel the need to drape oneself with all the bling a store has to offer!

However, it happened before and it happened again! Look how remarkably similar are Priyanka's and Sophie Chaudhary's outfits! Chopra needs to get a stylist who is quicker on her toes! Pronto!

But for now, who worked it better you think?

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A New Trend?

Although it hasn't really caught on, I have spotted quite a few people sporting the short flowy kurta look.

Tisca Chopra

Simone Singh

Sonam Kapoor

Guess we'll have to wait and watch if this catches on. They just seem so cute when they are colorful. It reminds me of Ashish Soni's collection at NYFW Spring'08 except his collection wasn't as bright.

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Spotted.. Gauri and Nainika's winter preview, Tanisha wearing yet another tube top. It really is an obsession, isn't it!


Meet The Vivienne Tam MP3 Player

Fashion designer Vivienne Tam teamed up with designer Kitman Keung to create this really stylish TAM MP3 player especially targetted at women! Its organic form and vivid red color make it look feminine and uber chic! And the clip at the back helps women hang it on dresses or handbags.

Stiil in the concept stages, can't wait to see this product in the market! Hopefully, more info will be released soon...