Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop. Please.

We have seen it once, twice and thrice but Gauri Khan's obsession with all things 'animal-print' just doesn't seem to end! What a tacky, tacky shirt and whats with Bollywood taking the whole 'innerwear is outwear' diktat out of context? Did I miss a memo?



simran said...

UGHS to Gauri!
and SRK looks like a druggie!!

love and squalor said...

I've never understood animal prints. especially, on clothes that feature shiny black cuffs and collars.
and shahrukh looks cute, but that's coz I'm blinded by my love for him.

Anonymous said...


Rashmi said...

I think she IS obsessed with animal prints and she sure doesn't look good in this one particularly because it does not mesh with the event. This was a day event that too a public one so why does she have to wear a transparant animal print?
and why do these people have to wear sunglasses even when they're inside? i guess they wanna stand out...very tacky!!

Anonymous said...

awful.. usual Gauri khan

Anonymous said...

She's got no style, and probably has her style guru as Ivana Trump, she looks a bit dated, but then he loves her, and truly that's all that matters. She my dearies is having the last laugh!!!