Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who Wore It Best?

This one-shouldered dress seems to be a favorite with quite a few ladies. We first saw Sameera, then Gautami, and now we see Yana wear the same dress in a yellow version.

But, the question is, who wore it best?

Yana Gupta


Sameera Reddy

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Love It Or Hate It?

Hema Malini sure loves her mandarin collar outfits! But, does it work or would you rather see her in a casual kurti?


Friday, April 18, 2008

Color Bright, Color Right!

You gotta give it to Sophie for playing with colors, unlike some other people.(OK. OK. I don't hate Mahima, just wanna see her in something other than beige, black and white...)

Is it me, or does the pleat on Sophie's remind you of this RM dress?

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Caught! Roshan Abbas and designer Arjun Khanna in the same blue shirt!

Arjun Khanna

Roshan Abbas

Via DNA India

Fake Watch!

Who is going to break the bad news to Moushumi, that the bag she is carrying is not a real YSL Muse!

How do we know it is a fake? That is because all Muse bags have two zips that meet in the middle unlike hers that has only one!

Tsk. Tsk.

See the real one on Waheeda here.

Buy The Muse Via YSL


The Look For Much Less

If you still don't own a sheath dress, don't miss out on this great deal available at Dillards on this black sheath dress. At $84(from $120), this dress is quite a steal!

Wear it to work or to play, you know you will look great in it anyway!

Buy via Dillards


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still In Doubt?

Is there still anyone who does not believe that Mahima loves her beige saris?

Hope & A Little Sugar Premiere

Gladrags Mega Model & Manhunt Finals

Shobha De Collection Preview

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In Their Closet

Spotted on Shekhar Suman and Bhavna Pandey, the Gucci GG Belt. While Shekhar wore a white version, Bhavna went with a brown one.

Even with all that hiding, we still managed to find a pic of Bhavna with the belt!

Shekhar Suman

Anu Dewan, Suchitra, Seema & Bhavna

Buy the GG Belt via Gucci

P.S. Don't miss the Prada Fairy tote on Anu's arm!!

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Audigier Generation!

We have seen so many wearing the Ed Hardy line, that it just isn't fun to spot them anymore. Maybe, that's why this other generation wanted to do it a bit different and spend on getting stuff from its high end line, Christian Audigier.

Ritesh Deshmukh

Sonu Sood

Sachin Tendulkar

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Bag Spotting!

Abu Jani and Sandip Khosla unveiled their Spring Summer Couture Collection and we got to do some bag spotting!

Sonia Garware

Buy Dior Samourai 1947 Woven Frame Bag Via Saks

Whats an event without spotting a Birkin or two?

Deepti Salgaonkar

Haseena Jethmalani



Ok, so Shreya Saran repeated her outfits to two very public events, knowing she'd be photographed, within a span of couple of months. What irks us more is that lil' cutesy dress of hers that should be saved for lunch with pals or shopping with the girls, keeps turning up again n again at formal events!

At The Premiere Of Asterix, Jan 08

At The Times Food and Nightlife Awards, Apr 08

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I have actually a question for you guys, i am looking to buy a clutch and am hoping that it'd be fun, funky and great! I can't afford the Guccis and Bottegas because everyone has them and they are so expensive..! I will be in u.s in the next few weeks am looking to get something in the exotics, big trend but under 300$, can you plz hep? plz plz plz? i am 22 and want something fun and that which gets noticed. plz help.

- Raima Saberwal
Via comments



There are many many choices out there and you just have to keep an open mind and a sharp eye about. Here are, our two picks for you...

Exotics have been around for a while now and this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, certainly strong for spring and well into Fall for sure.

I really like the Elaine Turner Yellow Embossed Croc clutch for its color and functional shape. Can you imagine that delicious yellow for Spring? Or in Fall, paired with a beautiful 'winter-white' coat or even grey! And at $129, it is well under budget! (Its on pre-order now, but the wait will be worth it!)

Buy Allie Yellow Embossed Croc Via Elaine Turner

As for the R & Y Augousti Shagreen Minaudiere, it just screams statement, in a good way! The shape is great, unconventional and fun, and can be effortlessly dressed up or down! Its so young and chic, the best part, its still under $300.

Buy R & Y Augousti Shagreen Minaudiere Via Barneys

Happy Shopping!



As for others who write in to us with questions, we do the best we can. If we haven't gotten back to you its either because we've already blogged about it, don't know ourselves or are getting around to it... so patience patience patience! :) But do write, we love hearing from you!

Oh, and stay posted because we have a verrrriiieeeee exciting contest coming up soon!

(Fake) Birkin Watch!

Balan is no fashionista's style icon but to mess with the holy grail of accessories, the Birkin, is taking it too far!

Heck, no wonder Manish Malhotra is PO'd with her!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HHC On IndiaFM!

Recently, we were asked by IndiaFM to write a series of fashion posts and have gladly accepted. So, if you saw our post out there, it was actually us writing!

But, not everyone plays nice. If you don't believe us, check this side by side of our post and an article we found on Mid-day!

Is that plagiarism or is that plagiarism!

"Birkin Watch", April 13, HHC

"Belting It Out", April 15, Mid-day

P.S. Thanks to our readers for pointing out to us that our material was getting lifted! We appreciate your support!

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Spotted On Ash's Arm..

..the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato patent tote! Except, with all yummy bags BV has to offer, why oh why, did Ash pick this one!

Not just us, a lot of bag enthusiasts have dissed this bag and just take one look at it and you'll know why!(Just imagine that chain link digging into your shoulder!)


P.S. That calico print dress is makin me vomit!


Its A Wrap

We've seen Mahima favor the belted look for her shirts before, and now, spotted Tina Tahiliani working the cinched waist, wide-belted-tie look for herself, while Malaika Arora was spotted in a wrap shirt, the other (and generally more flattering) avatar of the cinched waist...

Of course, Malaika had her trusted gold bangles as accessories in tow but the question is...whose look do you dig more?

Malaika Arora

Tina Tahiliani

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Not So Rosy

Spotted Urmila at a recent launch in a rosette crammed outfit that only reminded us of a Ramsey Brothers' lead protagonist charging at us with a hatchet, right out of the woods, rosette clad! Yes, the outfit was that nightmarish!

One look at Renee in Marchesa Fall 08 and you'll see, there is a way to do rosettes and then again, there is a how NOT to...

Renee Zellweger

Urmila Matondkar

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Once "Belted", Twice Shy!

Seems like Bhavna Pandey read our post about Shilpa! How else do you explain her hiding the buckle again and again!

P.S. Even with the hiding, we still were able to make out that she was wearing a Gucci GG belt! ;)

Gucci GG Belt


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One In Every Color!

Spotted. Ms Balan back to not only wearing her favorite color but also what seem to be her new favorite style!

Vidya @ Toshiba Launch

Vidya @ Orchid City Centre

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Skirty Issues!

Within a span of two days, we have another sighting of the tiered skirt and this time it is on Suchitra.

Nothing wrong with the tiered skirt but, Suchitra's pink top and Bhumika's stoned washed shirt don't do anything but add to the mess caused by the skirts that look like they were made as part of an art and craft project!

Personally, I prefer wearing one that is monochromatic and pairing it with a plain white tank top. It makes you look casual yet chic.

Suchitra @ Ensemble

Bhumika @ Ayesha Jhulka's Salon Launch


Dear Soha...

One. Have satin, will wear. Is not a diktat you have to-have to follow.

Two. Pray explain the length of those denims. Please. Not short enough to be cropped, not long enough to be worn with heels, instead an awkward length to match the awkward hair.

At Rome Film Fest Festival

At A Recent Product Launch

(Ladies, for future reference, when paring trousers of any kind with heels, make sure their length is long enough so that it covers the entire length of the heel. Not so long that you constantly teeter on the edge of tripping, but long enough so that the entire span of the heel is covered. And designate separate trousers to be worn with flats and that way length can be appropriately managed.)

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