Friday, January 11, 2008

A Retraction Seems In Order

Did I actually say Gauri Khan was beginning to dress a little more subtle?!! Because if I did, and I did, its time to beat a hasty lil' retreat! Look at what she turned up in at the Star Screen Awards...

That obsession with animal-prints has just got to stop. And those chenille or sateen (or whatever else) trousers, just what the hell is that??

And this is a woman who's been on the cover of Vogue.



Rashmi said...

what on earth was she thinking?? she looks trashy with a capital T especially below her shoulders. mrs. shahrukh khan should have known better.

are you looking for a stylist? if so i might knock on your door :)

Anonymous said...

wat is wrong with his woman...did she not luk at herself wen she left her house...i wudnt even wear this at home...n her trousers arent even properly leg is messed