Saturday, December 8, 2007

King Of Good Times Counting Months


After France, South Africa and Mauritius, the Kingfisher Swimsuit Special 2008 calendar is being shot in India. Palaces of Udaipur, beaches and museums of Goa, islands of Andaman and Nicobar and snow-capped peaks of Ladakh, all make for exotic locales!

Deepti Gujral, Sheetal Menon, Monikangna Dutta, Shruti Agrawal, Preeti Desai, Melissa Mehra and Tamara Moss are the featured models for the coveted calendar space, and will be seen sporting luxurious brands. (A little birdie whispers Choo shoes, Cavalli shades and Dior accessories, but that we'l have to wait and see!)

The calendar, once again, is being shot by the ace photographer Atul Kasbekar!

Read more Here. And now, just got to count days till we get to see it!

The Cursed Delhi Purple Sapphire


The cursed Delhi Purple Sapphire is going to be on display at the Natural History Museum's gemstone exhibit "The Vault," in London and while the amethyst stone itself isn't rare or even pricey, the curse it carries makes for a fascinating story.

According to The Times, the amethyst was first brought to the UK by Colonel W Ferris, after being looted from the Temple of Indra in Kanpur in 1857. The soldier lost all of his money and health and the same ill-fortune fell upon his son when he inherited it. A family friend who later owned it, committed suicide. In 1890, Heron-Allen got the stone and went onto suffer great misfortunes. In 1904 after having had enough of it, he had the amethyst shipped to his bankers stating that it was to stay locked away until after his death.

The curse didn't just end with that. The Times reports that seven years ago John Whittaker, former head of micropalaeontology at the Natural History Museum, took the amethyst to the first annual symposium of the Heron-Allen Society and, on the way home from it, was caught in a huge thunderstorm. At the second symposium he fell sick with a stomach bug and on the third he got a kidney stone.

Fascinating isn't it? For more, read The Times article Here Via Luxist.

Amrita: Please Hire A Stylist!

These dresses are just making me sick. The color.. the sequins..the material... They are just ghastly!

Saawariya premiere

Indian Television Academy Awards

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves Music Launch


Longines Dictating Ash's Outfit Colors?

It seems to me that Longines has directed Aishwarya to wear only white and black to all of its promotional events. It started with the appearance at the Mahalaxmi Grounds where Ash wore a black and white dress.

At a promotional event in Calcutta for Longines the day after, Ash wore a white jacket over black top and black denim.

When Ash was at the French Open earlier this year representing Longines, she wore the same theme above to the event!

It won't be surprising that Longines decided to dictate the color choices. After Ash's disastrous appearance at Cannes 2003, Loreal decided to select its own stylist for Ash.(Cuz we all know if left upto Ash, she probably would have picked Neeta Lulla again and looked like a clown in front of the whole world!) Can we ever forget this outfit!?

Maybe a Loreal rep made a secret call to Longines and let them know about Ash's poor fashion choices!

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Tanisha And Her Twins..

.. at the Jimmy Choo Store opening in Mumbai.

Maybe she should stay away from such high heels! The twins might affect her center of gravity and cause her to trip and fall! ;)

The high heel in question is the Jimmy Choo Lexy available for you to buy online for a mere $695.

Buy via Jimmy Choo


Shoulder Style...

..on second thought.. more like the "let's flaunt some legs" style!

Neha @ Dus Kahaniyaan Premiere

Queenie @ Christmas Dinner

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Guess.. was just a matter of time.

TOI reports that Kareena's look in the movie, the long t-shirt over patiala is all the craze now amongst youngsters. Now while the combo looked good on Kareena, don't think everybody can pull it off! Definitely not if you are bottom heavy!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bips' Boot(ies) Call

Although we loved Bip's in her black booties at the Vogue Brunch, we are definitely not a fan of these red booties that she wore to a Filmfare event! Wassup with Bipasha and this red obsession!

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Ash Again For Longines!

Too bad the Bombay Time bash has already happened, cuz it totally would have seemed like Aishwarya just cut up this dress and made the outfit that she wore to the Bombay Times bash party. Or maybe whatever was left over from making this dress contributed to the outfit below! ;)

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Bag Spotting

Kudos to Mehr for not getting sucked into the Gucci, Choo or LV Mania! Check her sport a Ferragamo Vernice Grace Patent Tote.

Buy via Neiman Marcus


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Aishwarya In Tarun Tahiliani

We can't clear the rumors about her pregnancy!

What we can tell you though is that for her first trip back on the ramp after many many years, the actress donned a blue Tarun Tahiliani lehenga! Check out the same lehenga in pink right behind the designer!

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Speaking Of Blue...

Soha and Sushmita both were at the Saawariya premiere. So now we wonder if Soha got the idea to dress in blue after seeing Sushmita. What's even more eerie? Soha's earrings match the color on Sush's blouse! Spooky!

Soha on Jhalak Dikhlaja

Sush at Saawariya Premiere


Aishwarya On The Ramp For Longines

Chubby cheeks, no dimples on chin,
rosy lips, teeth within,
Straight hair, very fair,
eyes are blue, lovely too,
Hubby's your pet, is that you??
Yes, Yes, Yes.


Angel Devil

It doesn't happen often but Shamita definitely stole the thunder from Bipasha at the Rocky S Club Wear launch. Her white dress was perfect with the neckline not being too low and the hem line not being too high! Only thing missing from these pictures are probably the "wings" and the "horns"! ;)

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Ritu Kumar Bridal Preview!

It's been a while. A really long while. And finally we get to have a sneak peek at Ritu Kumar's Bridal Collection!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Got A Chocolate Craving?

Maybe what you should get for christmas then is this dress. Made of Lindt Chocolate's Lindor Balls and embellished with swarovski crystals, it will be quite a while before you get your next chocolate craving. I just pity Linzi Stoppard for posing in the cold in the skimpy dress and not even being able to pop some chocolate!


Carrie Underwood in Naeem Khan

A couple of months ago we had featured Naeem Khan's gorgeous Spring 08 collection. It was obvious from the collection that we would soon see a lot of celebrities wearing his creations on the red carpet.

At the "Movies Rock" event, we spotted Carrie Underwood walk the red carpet in a gorgeous grecian style red evening gown.

Carrie Underwood at the "Movies Rock" Red Carpet

Naeem Khan Resort 08

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Battle Of The Legs!

While Bipasha definitely wins the "Best Legs" category, neither wins the best outfit category! Bips' all-red outfit is much too skanky than stylish and we obviously don't have to say anything about Amisha. The picture just screams "yuck"..


Pssst...Wanna Get Ugg(ly)?

Look here

Kaif Is Queen In Rocky S

On the sets of "Singh Is King", we spotted Katrina shooting in a Rocky S outfit.

Notice how similar the lehenga is to the one worn by Beyonce at her concert in India.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Nethra in Harmeet Bajaj

I had been eager to find out what Nethra wore to the Bombay Times 13th Anniversary Bash. Loved the light grey and the neckline. And today, by chance, while surfing, I find the dress staring right back at me.

The dress definitely looks much better on Nethra!


Urvashi's Favorite Dress?

When we first saw Urvashi in this green printed dress, we hoped she would realize how ugly this dress is and get rid of it. Now she has worn it again and now we have to feature her here and get our point across loud and clear!

GET RID OF THIS DRESS! You are far too pretty to be lost in the printed mess of this dress!

Rocky S Club Wear Launch

Goal Premiere


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tube Top Tanisha

After making numerous appearances in strapless tops, am surprised that Tanisha actually decided to cover up when she showed up to an exhibition to celebrate "World Disabled Day".

But, wait, is that a tube top I see underneath the kurta? Did the kurta come off the moment she stepped out of the exhibition??

Mickey Contractor's anti-AIDS Initiative, Dec 2007

Spykar Fashion Show,Oct 2007

Lakme Fashion Week, Oct 2007

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Let's Polka

It may not be the trend of the season but it's fun to see someone in polka dots once in a while and we are loving Priyanka's long polka dress. Last time we saw polka was on Sushmita and as you can see, that was a disaster!

If you wanna have some fun with polka, quickly grab these dresses on sale at Banana Republic and Newport News for only $39.99!!

Buy via Banana Republic

Buy via Newport News

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