Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sparking Off Something New?

Is Amrita Arora trying to spark off a new trend, of wearing long necklaces/chains around shoulders??

For me, the look is so 'forced', just seems like she is 'trying-too-hard'!! Don't know if someone else can make it work better but on her it just doesn't click!

Hit or Miss?

At Coutons Fashion Show

At Globus Seventeen Cover Girl Hunt 2008

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zee said...

Definitely a miss..especially in the 2nd pic.

Priyanka said...

What makes the sec pic worse is that diamanté tacky apple pendant in her décolletage!!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. who is she again????wannabe..

the mad momma said...

anything she does is a miss.

Anonymous said...

Is that really a question? ummm its a Miss.

Anonymous said...

LOL omg, i remember at a NYE party...my frends and i wanted to look all trashy and just OTT 90s...so we had necklaces draped over on the side...(mind u, this was just at her place...would NEVER dream of steppin out in that!)...lol and we thought it was hilarious and disgustin...BUT...wow she's wearin it in public!