Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hair-Raising FaceOff!

Don't know what offends me more. Mandira Bedi's atrocious (dare I say, almost skanky?) hair color, or Divya Khosla's matchy-theme-cutsey-ugly diamanté hearts hairband (and, that ghastly belt!!)??

Left: Mandira Bedi At The Launch Of Mumbai Chaka Chak
Right: Divya Khosla At Sanjay Gupta's Valentines Day Party


Smell That? Its Money.

The latest in fragrances, called Revelation from Bombay Sapphire is going to set you back by a mere $200,000. (!!!!)

Only five of these exquisitely hand crafted crystal bottles come with an inset of diamonds and sapphires. The bottle itself has been designed in a way that it resembles a giant gemstone with 10 facets, each representing the 10 botanical ingredients used to create the refined taste of Bombay Sapphire.

The limited edition Revelation bottles will be launched around 27 March at five major international airport locations – London, New York, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney.

Before you go into a shock over the price, remember, it is being sold in aid of The Smile Train charity that provides life-enhancing cleft surgery to children in poor countries.

So, some good comes out of it?

Read more Here!


The Good And The Oh-So-Very-Bad

Over-sized shades, well-fitting linen jacket, Gucci belt, Chanel bag and that knotted scarf and you get a very chic and well-turned out Karisma Kapoor.

On the other hand, the less that is said about Sonali Kulkarni the better! That sequinned excuse of a top, the cropped pants and those shoes are enough of a visual onslaught for one day (years actually, but knowing her am not getting my hopes up!)...

Left: Karisma Kapoor At An Immunity Drive Organized By Red Label Nature Care
Right: Sonali Kulkarni At Man's World ARC Cup Polo Championship


Friday, February 15, 2008

An Unconventional Beauty

Ayesha, isn't what you would call a conventional "beautiful girl", but I am really impressed by her jewelry and outfit coordination. In appearances, she has made recently, I have loved every piece of necklace she has worn and loved how she has coordinated it with each outfit!

Wish some other more prettier women would learn some tips from the Ayesha as to how to coordinate an outfit and jewelry..(Sonali Kulkarni, are you reading this!)


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Steps, Please!

I wish Vidya would take baby steps while undergoing her image makeover. Do you blame us. We see her first in this "jhataak-mataak" outfit for an event at the Lucera store and then she does a complete 180 and wears a really funky outfit to an event to celebrate Valentines with cancer patients at the Orchid City Centre in Mumbai!

On second thought, those ugly strappy sandals actually make me not like the other outfit either!

Vidya @ Lucera Store

Vidya @ Orchid City Centre

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The "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb Award" Goes.. Ms. Kangana Ranaut who showed up dressed like this at the Jodhaa Akbar Premiere.

We hope she had a good excuse for being dressed like this! Luggage got lost? Shooting just got over? Hopefully these are one of her reasons!

Battle Of The Star Wives!

Yes, Aishwarya is a star in her own right, but since she wants to be low-key, we are going to categorize her as a star wife! ;)

Having said that, which star wife stole the show at the Jodhaa Akbar premiere. Suzanne or Aishwarya.

Personally, I prefered Suzanne's white ensemble over Aishwarya's pink!


Suzanne, Hrithik and Pinky Roshan


Battle Of The Gold!

A premiere of a royal movie had to make people wear their most glamourous outfit. Neeta Lulla and Rekha chose to wore gold saris. Which sari do you prefer? The understated modernized sari that Neeta wore or the traditional shiny sari that Rekha wore?

Neeta Lulla @ Jodhaa Akbar Premiere

Rekha @ Jodhaa Akbar Premiere


From Drab To Fab!

You would think people would wear a good outfit to the premiere of their own movie. Nop, not quite! Case and point, Minissha Lamba, who showed up dressed shabbily to the premiere of Shaurya but stepped it up for the premiere of Jodhaa Akbar.

Tsk Tsk. Bad Minnisha! Producers need to write a new clause into all contracts. Actors must dress well at the premiere of their own movie!

Shaurya Premiere

Jodhaa Akbar Premiere


Which One Do You Like?

Which version of this Gauri and Nainika dress did you prefer? The one Aishwarya wore to the Longines event or the one we spotted on the lady attending the Kimaya Spring Showcase event?

(It doesn't help that the lady wore those boots with the dress. Just the wrong kinda shoes to wear with a dress like this!)

P.S. Anyone know who she is?


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Again And Again.

Guess, you can't go wrong with black. Maybe, that's why Kajol wears this sari to events that are special. It is definitely a far cry from the outfit she wore to the Gitanjali Luxury Style Fest! That outfit makes this sari look so much better!

U Me Aur Hum Music Launch

Koffee With Karan

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Anya Hindmarch's Small Maud

How funky is this clutch? Its the latest from Anya Hindmarch, a small 'Maud' metallic clutch. Quite the ordinary looking one, till you actually open it up and see the printed silk lining. Yup, its scenes from the Kama Sutra and not for the 'prudishly' inclined.

It would have been really tacky had it been on the outside, but with the print being tucked away on the inside, its just so unexpectedly naughty. Almost like the librarian with tortoiseshell glasses and cabled turtleneck on the outside and racy lingerie on the inside. No?

Buy The Small Maud Clutch Via Anya Hindmarch

What Do You Ride?

Remember we told you all about the $12,400 Chanel Bicycle some time ago? Just found out that recently Jennifer Aniston got gifted one by her 'bff' Courtney Cox.

Just for fun, which Indian fashionista do you see riding this ridiculous set of wheels?


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yet Again!

The first time, you said we should give Kareena a break for wearing the same style of sari in a different color. Now, what do you have to say?

FHM Cover

Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2008

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Katrina Woos Saif In A Jenny Packham!

We really really hope that Saif's character falls for Ms. Kaif's character after seeing her dance in this sexy Jenny Packham dress. The dress looks so good on Ms. Katrina! So good, that even Ms. Kaif awkward dance moves didn't ruin it for us! Check out the preview of the song and the beautiful Jenny Packham dress!

Katrina In Race

We couldn't find the exact dress, but found a similar one in Jenny's Spring 2008 collection.

Jenny Packham Spring 2008

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Ich Liebe Nicht Diese!

We spotted Begum Inaara Aga Khan and Carola Ferstl wearing some interesting gowns at the 7th Annual Cinema For Peace Gala in Berlin.

The gowns might have seemed colorful and exotic to the German crowd but all they remind me of are the cushion covers and curtain materials that are sold on the street side at Janpath Road in Delhi!

What do you think?

Begum Inaara Aga Khan

Carola Ferstl

P.S. In case my German wasn't correct, I meant to say "I Do Not Love These!"


Almost Forgot...Speaking Of Naeem..

It was Fashion Week. Its about celebrity front-rows. And, its Naeem Khan. So, how could Eva Longoria be far away? Here she is at the Naeem Khan show, in an outfit by the designer. Hoping to score an outfit for future red-carpets?


Monday, February 11, 2008

Carrie In Naeem Again!

While celebrities like to beat the common crowd and be fashion forward with trends and seasons, Carrie Underwood turned a page and went a season back. We first spotted her wearing a Naeem Khan from his Resort 2008 collection and now we see her wearing another Naeem Khan from his Fall 2007 collection.

And if she was trying to pass this look off as vintage, she can't pull that off on us. A season old ain't vintage. It is just old!

Carrie Underwood @ Grammy After Party

Naeem Khan Fall 2007

Personally, I would have loved to see her in this dress, my favorite from his Fall 2008 collection. Maybe, someone else will snag this one and wear it to the Oscars! (Anyone but Eva!) My fingers are crossed!

Naeem Khan Fall 2008

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Classic Or Trendy?

We spotted Padmini Kolhapuri carrying a sequined Chanel bag recently and we couldn't help but think that Kareena's classic Chanel beats the sequined version hands down. Or is it just that Padmini couldn't pull it off?

Kareena carrying a classic Chanel

Padmini carrying a sequined Chanel

Chanel Quilted

Chanel Sequined

Our question to you though is, how do you pick your favorites? Go for the classics, the trendy, a mix or you have no clue what we are talking about?

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And The Bride Wore..

..umm..we actually don't care what the bride wore, cuz at this wedding bash, it seemed like the guests were trying their very best to dress a little subdued. Sophie Chaudhry showed up in a black Manish Malhotra. Mana Shetty wore a black chikan embroidered kurta outfit. The bride, Manyata wore a red sari that was just so jhataak, that she made everyone else around her look real good!

Note to Sanju Baba. Please buy the now official "missus" some quality clothes, or better yet, hire her a stylist! After all, she has major competition in Twinkle, Mana, and the queen of star wives, Gauri!

Manyata and Mana Shetty

Sophie Chaudhry

Mana and Sunil Shetty

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Spotlight: Anupama

I recently found this line of home collection by Anupama Swaminadhan and it has the most beautiful line of cushions, fabrics, stoles etc..

The pillows are all hand-painted using vegetable and mineral dyes, and, 'Kalamkari' on those pillows looks so good... I especially love the more traditional design-form pieces and the ones with mythological narratives depicted on those fabrics. Because the execution is so modern even when the art-form itself is ancient and traditional, the result is quite contemporary and chic!

For more on the styles and how you can buy, go Here!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gucci Hearts NY

100% of the proceeds from this limited edition 'Gucci Loves NY bag' go towards the Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservancy, aiding the maintenance and operation of the 21 children's playgrounds in Central Park, NY.

While the cause is great, what do you all think of the bag? I personally think its a bit too campy and touristy, but hey who knows, perhaps in a few years it'll be retro enough to be kitschy and cool?

For more on the charity and how to buy the bag, go Here!

Look Great By Keeping It Simple..Stoopid!

Sometimes keeping it simple just works wonders. Look at Ayesha Dharker. At two events that happened in the past few weeks, she showed up in a simple dress and spruced the dress by wearing a chunky necklace!

Arjun Khanna's Catalogue Launch

Mumbai Masti Launch

Extra brownie points to Ms, Dharker for pairing her brown dress with a denim jacket!

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Queenie In Herve

Spotted Queenie Dhody at Vijay Mallya's Force India launch in a Herve Leger dress. The sex appeal of the 'bandage dress' is pretty much undisputed now, what with almost every 'A-Lister' worth her salt being spotted in it...

Here are some looks from the Herve Leger By Max Azaria, NYFW Fall 2008 ready-to-wear-collection...

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