Thursday, March 13, 2008

WLIFW: Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill's collection was dominated by a color palette that was a mix of beautiful purples, berry hues, smokey blacks and greys... Jewelled embellishments played a huge role in her collection and while a few prints and color blocked pieces made it into the collection, the show-stealers were the simpler pieces with attention to detail.



Anonymous said...

a wearable pret collection, but not something to remember it. Some are safe like those cullotes, and some of the dresses.

Nepali said...

The jewelled embellished detail is the plus point, and I like how a simple plain black dress with brown border is turned into an interesting dress.
I like the internal design in the neckline of the black & white floral print shirt, but looks a little busy, either the design or the print should have been avoided.

Pri said...

every piece is wearable which i like. that copper brown dress is so elegant.