Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Denim Orgy!

Well, it is pretty obvious that the dress code for Anu Ranjan's party to celebrate International Women's Day was denim. But, who knew that denim could also be this ugly! Looking at all these women in the denim jumpsuits and denim dresses is just makin me wanna throw up!

These are the days that I hate JLo! The lady moved on with her style, but some of her fans don't seem to have!

Manini Mishra

Mauli Ganguly

Pooja Ghai

Bhavna Balsaver

Mansi Joshi

Suchitra Pillai

Barkha Bisht

Purbi Joshi

Nandini Singh

Jasbeer Kaur

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Anonymous said...

Except Suchi who has just had a beautiful little baby girl all the rest look so..... I do not want to be rude, but I guess it also has to do with the invitation which must have asked for Denim. Not very imaginative there, the same scheme with Diamonds was the ladies evening for Socialite Sheetal Mafatlal nee Bhagat in 1999.

the mad momma said...

except for Jasbeer and Manini (who on earth are they anyway?!) i think the rest make me want to poke my eyes out. and even those two are quite bad. a dresscode doesnt mean you come bandaged in it. i am sure jeans or a waistcoat or a bag would be more than enough!

kashish said...

yeah just one item would have been good.....although i think pooja ghai and barkha look ok-ish....nandini's posing like a hooker, and bhavna looks like she hasnt left the early 90s yet...ewwww

sherry said...

this is my biggest all denim ensemble. i am real sorry but i find absolutely no appeal in it no matter how well accessorized. denim should only be an accent either a pair of jeans, mini skirt, jacket or even a bag maybe.

Anonymous said...

OMG! thanks for this one..this is a fashion mass crime! I can't believe they all came out dressed in all denim just because dress code was denim. just one item is more than enough! Seriously, money and being on TV doesn't give you this common sense??? Hope they didn't wear denim undergarments!

love and squalor said...

jus because the theme was denim they din have to go all out and ott!
and from what I can see, I don think mansi's top is denim, but she still manages to look ghastly.

Anonymous said...

So much ugly denim, so little time -what to do?

Watch Project Runway Season 04, the Levis Denim episode or better get some help, quick....before you drown in denim.