Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Caption This!

We love celebrities, but we wonder if there are days sometimes they hate being one! Days like these, specially!

Well, get creative and let's hear your captions for this pic.

I know what Rahul Bose is thinking! - "Did you just say, we all gotta share one razor!!!!" ;)


Never Mind!! said...

Mahesh Bhupati: Hmmm...thats an interesting way to do it!

Rahul Dravid: Wow! I dint know that.

Rahul Bose: Wait..I can do it better!

traveller said...

Don't try this on your legs!

yusra said...

first of all...LOL
and second

Rahul: plz dunt shave my head now...i already need transplant

mahesh bhupati: someone try my legs..the new nike shorts wud go perfect wid my sexy legs

rahul dravid: i hope sachin doesnt see this otherwise i'll loose another ad to him

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of three very uncomfortable cool men, in what looks like a college ragging session, where the seniors have caught them and told them to shave!! But what the heck they must have got paid a packet....so whats a little egg (sorry foam) on the face!

Pri said...

i don't have a caption but at different stages in my life i've been in love with each one of these men. it's quite sad actually.

Anonymous said...

@ Pri:
I don't know if its a good or bad thing, but you're not the only one!