Thursday, March 13, 2008

WLIFW: Manoviraj Khosla

There was dressed up denim and multi-color palette, there were embellishments, prints and interesting cuts, and then there were boots. Boots with tassles, cowboy boots! There was a hint of shimmer here and there and structured jackets were the norm.

Manoviraj Khosla's collection wasn't for the straitjacketed-banker-men-dress-in-black demographic for sure!



Anonymous said...

Seriously - WHITE Boots in INDIA- wow how absolutely "well thought off"
really silly collection- uninspired

Pri said...

desi male models are so much fun. this group is particularly entertaining. the guy two rows from the bottom on the left looks like salman khan wearing blush. omg it is salman khan wearing blush!!

Payal said...

LOL! no love for Salman! But, lotsa love for dravid, bhupathi and bose! ;)

Nepali said...

An understated laid back lifestyle look, reminding me of Ralph Lauren, and almost like going for hunting/countryside in style.
Safe and commerical.