Friday, March 14, 2008

WLIFW: Abhishek Gupta & Nandita Basu

Abhishek Gupta & Nandita Basu's collection was mostly spunky urban street wear. There was a liberal use of color, contrasts and graphics.

The textures were interesting, there were wool blends, jersey, brocades and quilted pieces. The 'camouflage' was interpreted and reinvented onto quilted dresses, ponchos and metallic pieces. And, printed leggings too made an appearance.



Nepali said...

Cool graphic prints and spunky looks. The t-shirt with tie print has been around for a while, but this one stands out with the choices of colours and prints; I like sweater next to it as well. The leggings, black coat dress with red dots and grey long jacket with star prints, and the poncho are cool too. I like the interpretation of camouflage to black & metallic; the fabric can be used in cocktail and evening wear. The rest are quite boring.

neha said...

this is very today's youth...

i can see sum ppl tryin these clothes...i luv to hav tht 'I am high' shirt..

itz awesome..
even last yr's collection was excellent