Friday, March 14, 2008

WLIFW: Abhijeet Khanna

'Birds of paradise' is what made up the theme/inspiration for this collection from Abhijeet Khanna's RISA.

The color palette was warm with the use of earthy browns and greens and really vivid with the use of bright blues and turquoise. The collection comprised of shift dresses, long structured coats and narrow skirts. The lines stayed classic and clean.

The theme was used throughout the collection with the idea of feathers appearing in layered, textured applications, embroideries, overlaps, prints and in inventive patterns.



Nepali said...

I like the red peacock dress, blue dress below it and the v neck heavily layered textured dress. Those outdated boots almost ruined the collection, had I not ignored the footwear. Even if they were any other boots, it would still be inappropriate for most of the garments.

sherry said...

looks like alot of armored and fish-scale patterns going around this season. (not something i have personally taken to yet.) but there are still a bunch of designs i would love to own in there. and love the choice of vibrant colors, by the way!

Anonymous said...

tacky boots, really do not add to the garment, infact take away from what would be a semi- decent collection.