Thursday, March 13, 2008

WLIFW: Lecoanet & Hemant

Lecoanet & Hemant's collection started off with the expected color palette of subdued hues and charcoal tones and then burst into vivid oranges, canary yellows, iridescent blues and greens.

The jackets were embellished, the tops pleated, the dresses had a goddess drape, and, while pants were fitted, jackets were structured, the coats were voluminous.



love and squalor said...

oooh, I heart the outfit in the fourth row second column.

Bollywood Fashion Police said...

A vast improvement from what they showcased at LIFW.

Nepali said...

The drape looks nice and simple, and the top next to it has an interesting texture. The collars' border and volume of the yellow coat makes it appealing.
The collection doesn't flow through; it looks like the pieces are from different collection. The silhouettes and colour palettes aren't new/interesting/fashion-forward.