Sunday, April 6, 2008

Malaika: When She Is Good..

..she is oh so good.(the blue Surily dress) But, when she is bad.. she is oh soooo bad!(the shiny yellow dress that is supposedly Gucci, but we can't confirm it)

Side cleavage was never hot and never will be!

Malaika @ Lakme Fashion Week

Malaika @ Apriati Launch

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Priyanka D said...

She makes Surily Goel creation look fab!! Totally envy her hot bod. But I agree, the side cleavage thing is sooo not cool. Or hot.

Anonymous said...

yellow dress could look trampy, blue dress rocks.

sherry said...

i don't really mind that notoriously yellow dress on her. in fact, cant think of anyone else who can carry that off with such positive attitude. unfortunately the side-boob-show comes as a package with such a dress.
i think the body language should be practiced over and over again by the wearer to avoid this tragedy.

Anu said...

I can't believe i haven't commented on this. the yellow dress is a great shade of yellow (imo at least), but as always i feel like she's trying sooooo hard.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand how you guys like here.I personally feel she lacks classiness.

the mad momma said...

- doesnt the blue dress remind you of the Hermes saree dress?

Payal said...

the mad momma,
yes it did! and we wrote about it the moment we saw it!