Monday, April 7, 2008

In Her Closet

I have to say I loved Gucci's Resort and Spring 2008 collection, which is why Roohi's Gucci skirt from Resort 2008 caught my eye while reading the news. I hope we get to see more people wear more pieces from both the collections!

Roohi Jaikishen

Gucci Resort 2008

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Nepali said...

There is a beautiful yellow sundress from the same collection, and I was shocked when I saw the price tag $7000+; forgot the exact price. The reasons are because it was cotton, the design was simple, and the only effort that was put onto it was black embroidery patches, which was done in button stitch and anyone of us could easily do it.
These dresses will be 10%-30% off after few months, but still highly priced.

Anonymous said...

Roohi rocks this sweater/graphic skirt look. In fact she looks better than the runway model. I wonder what shoes she wore with it. Im thinking peep toe signature Laboutins would be nice!

Now if only she would wear more camera friendly makeup or else wash her face. Right now the face is more Elvira than pretty.


sherry said...

great skirt, great print and all time classic white n' black.
i would have liked roohi to wear another top with that skirt. she could still find something casual and not wear a t-shirt. she looks half dressed to make a fashion statement and half for a workout at the gym.

Rashmi said...

and perhaps a black round beaded necklace a la jackie O would've made the whole package more attractive for Roohi.