Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The "WTHeyyy!!??" Round-up!

Terrible floral, patchwork crazy print, overdose of sequins and a horribly huge bow all make up this edition of the 'WTHeyyy' list!

Anupama Verma

Neha Dhupia

Divya Khosla

Chitrashi Rawat

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Anonymous said...

Not as terrible as you r sounding....agree that bow is not luking good on this dress...however i like rest three ladies..

Anonymous said...

I agree with anno above.. i think divya looks nice.. as she did not wear massive choker with her dress and rest of jewlry is kinda minimal as well.. neha and anupama.. i am not liking.. and bow lady is the worst

sherry said...

i like the color on divya khosla, its rich. neha's designer probably wanted to go all funkadelic, with spring in mind of course.
i dont really think too kindly of the other 2 only coz i used to have curtains similar to anupama's dress, and chitrashi's......well, thats just a bad dress.

Anonymous said...

i did'nt care for Anupama's dress but LOVE her Jimmy Choo purse...

Anonymous said...

I liked Neha's dress...she carried it well with nice hair style.....while anupama and chitrashi lagged on style and atitude !

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Anupama looks like my daughters dark haired Barbie doll... not in a nice way at all though. Does the woman ever eat? The dress is tacky barbie all over. Not for a real person just for a plastic vacant eyed thing.

Was Neha doing a favor for a designer friend to wear his/her really ugly dress?

Cant see Divyas dress and styling too clearly but its not too bad at all.

The bow dress is just unfortunate. So sad na? And I want these Chak de india girls to succeed! Chitrashi get a stylist!