Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Marshana Goes Indian Again!

I am addicted to the show, "The Bachelor". I love seeing the women go from swooning over the guy one minute to hating him to the core the moment they are cut. It is just such a funny show! This season has been a tad bit more inneresting though.

Marshana, one of the ladies, has been sporting Indian attire and jewelry since the beginning of the show. Last night, the woman put on a yellow sari complete with indian jewelry. If you missed it, she also wore a gold lehenga on the very first episode this season.

Being that she is a fashion designer, I give her some kudos for her effort but I don't think she pulls it off that well.

What say?

You can catch last nights' episode here.



Anonymous said...

She looks really silly.

Anonymous said...

I think it is really nice that someone, who is not Indian, is embracing our culture. As an Indian woman I glad to see a love for the Sari and Lehengas. In a western world...we lose a lot of our culture. Even our own childres are DYING to be "Anerican" and turn away from what makes us unique. So I cheer Marshana on! Perhaos she will start a trend and make it cool for someone to wear Indian clothes and jewekry....no matter where they are from.

rasagna said...

it looks hideous on her.