Friday, April 18, 2008

Color Bright, Color Right!

You gotta give it to Sophie for playing with colors, unlike some other people.(OK. OK. I don't hate Mahima, just wanna see her in something other than beige, black and white...)

Is it me, or does the pleat on Sophie's remind you of this RM dress?

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Anonymous said...

she's 2 exposing.

Anonymous said...

that's a bebe dress.

Anonymous said...

the color's too good on her as well as her makeup. Doesn't she look a bit like Kim Kardeshian (sp ?)
here ?

sherry said...

oh my! what a beautiful color and a pretty dress too! and yeah, she does look like kim kardeshian, esp the pic on the right.

Chathurika said...

she looks like kim, and it dousn't really remind me of that dress...maybe you linked the wrong one
she looks pretty :)