Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Mini Bag

I never get why people carry tiny bags. For the amount of money that they cost, I could easily either get a real yummy clutch or add a little bit more and get a bigger bag.

What say you about them?

Buy the Fendi Mini Mamma Forever Bag

Buy the Jimmy Choo Cosmo Evening Bag



sunshine87 said...

agreed! id rather get a nice clutch that looks so much more feminine or a larger bag. mini bags aren't even in! oversized clutches are!

Anonymous said...

I abhor tiny, logo'fied, branded pouchettes! Its just saying, look I have something branded on, even though its the tiniest, non-functional bag! Agree..Why not invest in a clutch or save up and buy a bigger bag instead of this lil' piece of something that is neither here nor there!!

pearl said...

I think it is imp to carry atleast 1 mini bag in your collection..reason dont want to carry huge bags everywhere you go ? clutch on the other hand is always a trouble for me..I can easily forget it since it somehow not attached to my shoulder...or body...I will hit a small big....but do like my medium size bags..but not huge!

Nepali said...

I like small vintage antique bags.