Friday, April 18, 2008

The Look For Much Less

If you still don't own a sheath dress, don't miss out on this great deal available at Dillards on this black sheath dress. At $84(from $120), this dress is quite a steal!

Wear it to work or to play, you know you will look great in it anyway!

Buy via Dillards



simran said...

Hi P and P,

I love your blog, its avant garde :). why dont you consider moving it to its own domain like , that way you would be taken way more seriously than be dismissed as a hobby blogger. now that you are getting press I think its the thing to do !!
please get your own domain.. pleeese :)

Payal said...

we already own the domain and are in the process of moving to our own site... Give us some time! :)

sherry said...

love these dresses. they are so the "all occasion" type. and even better to see that they come in such a range of colors. also, take off the belt and its an all new look!

Anonymous said...

Mehr really works it, but then she is a bud, and ALWAYS looks great