Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 'WTHeyy' Round-up

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I will just leave you to judge for yourself...

Sayali Bhagat

Divya Khosla

Bhumika Chawla

Divya Dutta

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kannu said...

wass wrong wid all these ladies ?
bhoomika i heard got married recently !
wass wrong wid her ?
it seems she has picked up dis dress from road side !
n d bag !!!!!!
total disaster !

Priyanka D said...

Hmmm.. A I-am-in-candyland pink and blue dress, a forcibly used big bow with a a floral dress with the ribbon-end hanging till God-knows-where, a look that maybe started as cool-boho-wannabe but ended up as plain frumpy and a ugly ruffled saree with zilch accessories and an equally bad hairdo...
This is sooo hard!!!

sherry said...

oh my God! payal and priyanka, you guys keep excelling yourselves by posting these finds! nice work!
sayali bhagat looks gift-wrapped. she and divya khosla could have done a little (not alot!) better by losing the belts.
bhumika should have taken at least 5 minutes to do her face and hair. she looks too "just got out of bed".
divya dutta simply needs a complete makeover.

pearl said...

all of them goes in worst dressed categories but the trophy goes to bhumika......dress say's it all.I dont think in this day and age you can even find these dresses and she is comfortably wearing with wow a bright red purse ????

Anonymous said...

good lord!! hahahahhaha hilarious!


Anonymous said...

they look like a bunch of California barbies. if i did not know that both Bhumika and Divya are such good actresses, I would categorize them as the bimbettes they look