Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Skirty Issues!

Within a span of two days, we have another sighting of the tiered skirt and this time it is on Suchitra.

Nothing wrong with the tiered skirt but, Suchitra's pink top and Bhumika's stoned washed shirt don't do anything but add to the mess caused by the skirts that look like they were made as part of an art and craft project!

Personally, I prefer wearing one that is monochromatic and pairing it with a plain white tank top. It makes you look casual yet chic.

Suchitra @ Ensemble

Bhumika @ Ayesha Jhulka's Salon Launch



Anonymous said...

They have access to all the money and all the designers in the world ...and this what they choose to wear!
Brown n white clothes with a red bag!

Anonymous said...

why the fuck are they wearing those common white skirt and a old shirt!