Friday, April 18, 2008

Fake Watch!

Who is going to break the bad news to Moushumi, that the bag she is carrying is not a real YSL Muse!

How do we know it is a fake? That is because all Muse bags have two zips that meet in the middle unlike hers that has only one!

Tsk. Tsk.

See the real one on Waheeda here.

Buy The Muse Via YSL



new yorker said...

Why why the fakes????

Pitu said...

Hmm some of these older stars.. I dunno how much money they have socked away but they have such lavish lifestyles..i mean, not everyone is an asha parekh.. maybe a fake is all they can afford and they know most people won't get it..

withsoul said...

To new yorker above:
Because it is a crime to humanity to give more money to the already stinking rich and spoilt international design houses. Give some to charity or microloan houses instead. If the fake helps a poor roadside hawker to survive, then I would buy a thousand fakes!

Payal and Pri, why don't you focus on the positive aspects of fashion, like who did the right thing instead of always about who did what badly ? India is a country of millions of poor; and living among them some conscientious people (esp older gen and middle class) might not feel comfy spending oodles of money on stuff that fashion polices wants them to wear exactly once.

Anonymous said...

Hey Payal and Priyanka, while I totally love your blog, it will be even more interesting if you guys point out people who are doing it "right"(I know this will be lil difficult :)) so that we get some tips on the latest fashion....

Payal said...

Most of our posts point out what someone is wearing or carrying and it just turns out that they are wearing or carrying expensive stuff.

I do have a problem with someone buying a fake replica! It is not fair to the designer who designs such exquisite stuff and it is not fair that someone else making money off of the designer's creativity! See our post "Letters". We suggested clutches that were exotic but that don't break the bank and that don't merely copy an original design.

But, point taken, we will try and incorporate more of who gets it right too!

We are always open to suggestions and feedback!

withsoul said...


That was not meant to be a rant at you (though it came off more like that). While it is true that one should not buy fakes, but the prices that are charged by these designers are really obscene and not based on any economics but just fad. While originality should definitely get points but it can't be overcharged. For heaven's sake these designers are not doing something huge for humanity (like life saving drugs or even something for peace or hunger). While I would pay for some creativity, but not THAT much. I would rather buy something exotic from a local craftsman than pay ten times for work of a designer whose work is based on these local craftsmen.

While it is important to point out plagiarism (eg like you guys did when some of the copies in recent fashion shows in India from western designer), it would be great to see some positives things pointed out (like you guys did in the last post
of Mehr Jessia).

withsoul said...

Also it would be lovely, if you could also post some tips about how to strut unconventional non-brand name stuff cleverly, like I remember your post about Ayesha dharkar's chunky jewelery.

But this is your blog and you can do whatever you want; but just pointing out that off late most posts are veering towards just criticism.

Joules said...

I have to disagree with you withsoul. Maybe you wanna see more positive posts but P&P have pointed to positives a lot - preity zinta comes to mind so does Mahtani.

btw, I am a recent watcher of the Hermes Birkins. So please take my comments with a grain of salt.

I am not sure I like the look as much. LV since MJ has taken over to me is more trendy, chanel to me is more classic. I know owning birkins is a steal but I still dont get those bags. (Please dont kill me :)

Anonymous said...

I think the acute awareness about every minute detail of a designerware is still minimal in India ( and some may say thank god for that ).
with low cost manufacturing new high end designs and trends are fast percolating down the fashion chain.replicas or designs closely based on high end designer bags etc are freely available in stores everywhere. therefore one maybe just shopping for a bag and end up picking something which looks good and suits our budget without even realising its a supposed fake , in fact some of these fakes are not that low end budget wise.
I think this may hold true for somebody like Moshumi or Vidya balan. and logically they are actresses , they maybe fashion ignoramuses... so what .....


Anonymous said...

I'm actually quite ignorant on the details of the YSL, it possible that Maushmi's second zipper broke, and so she's used the other to go all the way down? or do the zippers not go past the middle? I don't know if I've asked the question correctly...

Payal said...

besides the second zipper missing, YSL Muse doesnt have tags on the zip ends which you can see on this one.

definitely, a fake!

Nepali said...

Arguments and debates are hard to bring into conclusion as both are right and wrong.
I understand fashion is not the most important thing in the world and there are many other important issues in the world. At times it feels guilty to be so drawn towards superficial things that aren’t necessities. For a person in a rural area, sufficient meal, bed, television, etc, could be luxury, and for those living in the cities, designer labels, holiday overseas, etc, is luxury. So when we see celebrities who earn by entertaining public in tacky/trashy/fake/undesirable ensemble, it’s natural for us to be judgmental and critical. That’s one of the prices they pay for putting themselves out there.
Some of the designer labels are over priced and it may not always mean they are of good quality. The designers are selling their ideas through the products/garments they create. Why does a CEO or an engineer earn much more than the other lower level staffs/workers? When we look at the factory workers and labourers, it breaks our heart that they work so hard yet it’s only enough to feed their children and pay rent, whilst the CEOs or engineers or any high officials sit comfortably, discuss ideas, sign a paper, and overload their bank balances. So why do we only blame the designers who are also selling their ideas by tagging a ridiculous amount? In the end, it’s usually the wives of CEOs or high officials who end up spending all the money they get out of others.
Sometimes people are too busy fulfilling others wants, making money, trying to make it big, that they lose their values and charms. What was the sole purpose of creating this website and who do you want to put first? People always complain no matter what/how/why you do.

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with Bharati & without a successful woman in my late-twenties, I can surely afford to splurge on designer bags/shoes and other accessories, but I don't for the reasons mentioned above by withoutsoul & Bharati. First of all, none of the designer products are worth the exorbitant prices. I do not want to further contribute to promotion of their items by carrying one myself. Let them spend more money on advertisement. And yes, even living here in the US, I do feel conscious of having useless material wealth when the person sitting on the bus/train next to me is thinking of their next meal. There are frugal ways to look great and I wish more would be written about that.

Anonymous said...

Well, people who want to know about frugal ways of spending their money must search elsewhere for it. Do not come to this site which talk about good fashion and tell them what to do !!! Puhleeeeeeeeezzz....I dont get the point at all!! P n P talk about designer stuff and bags...this is their forte !!!
I cant believe so many of ya went on n on about them talking about costly bags shoes n clothes. Again - thats what they do and are great at it ! If you want to know about cheaper stuff go fish elsewhere for them!!

Anonymous said...

It is not about price I think some readers are commenting, but rather about the snarkfest going on esp by some commenters. A fashion website should give more positive tips rather than making constant fun of others (see last two pages) otherwise it should be have a more appropriate name like 'celebitchy' etc.

new yorker said...

I love fashion and I love this blog cos it calls a spade a spade.
I don't have a problem with people buying cheaper goods - Botkier, Furla, Kooba, Christopher Inge all excel in that but I do have a problem with people buying fake. I Also see this link which links Counterfeit goods to terror. (P&P feel free to take it off if you don't allow any links but this is merely a link to a news-story)

Just as I don't look to Vogue to figure out which charity to give money to I do not come to this website for ways to save money - there is always Target and Wal-mart for that. I come here for P& P's commentary on fashion. If a lot of people have bad taste they really can't help it.

Just for withsoul's info - I did attend the Microfinance conference in India so I can talk about that in detail too if she is interested just not on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree that its matter of right of choice of what p&p want to post about. For somebody like me who is relatively somewhat of a fashion , designer brand ignoramus this blog has been really fun to read esp as it puts these brands in an Indian context which makes it more relatable for me.

what I was leading to was actually a point which has been at the back of my mind: designer brands and fashion industry has predominantely been a western domain and still is in its nascent stage in India.
fashion watching/commentary , stylists and certain established norms about whats right , wrong ,
( for eg. repeating outfits )holy grail etc are firmly established in the western world.
should everything be followed from there as most brands originate from there or should our fashion commentators /experts/journalists etc work on establishing rules/ opinions more suitable/workable/sensitive to the circumstances and context in india.

sorry for the digression ....


the mad momma said...

you go girl!!! people who are looking for kindly souls who look for the silver lining should go elsewhere.

you have a certain style. and yes, snarkfest is the best way to talk abt fashion... so keep going. we're going to keep coming here for the exact fare that you dish out, coz you do it so well.