Sunday, March 30, 2008

The SBD: Face Off

Both, Dia and Sophie stepped out saturday night in short black dresses. Which one worked and which didn't?

My vote went to Sophie just cuz Dia's dress was just plain bizzare! Those sleeves just look so funny!

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Anonymous said...

Dia's dress is too STUPID. It looks as if she forgot to wear her bottoms. It looks incomplete without a skirt or trousers.

Sophie's dress is ok.

Is peep-toe trend back in shoes?

the mad momma said...

definitely sophie. dia's looks straight out of a 80s film.

Anonymous said...

dia looks great, Sophie looks like an 80's backflash

Anonymous said...

Ummmm both look they are in a 80's time warp.

Dia wore the ice skating competition dress from when she was probably 8 years old.

Sophie is chanelling the Bangles (Walk like an egyptian) girls from waaaay back. Yeah she needs to lose all that tacky bling in a hurry.

Sophie wins by the tip of a plastic surgeried nose!


Anonymous said...

I like the shoe choice for both though and YAY for no pantyhose! Sleek, bare legs look great.


sherry said...

this round goes to sophie. looks like dia's dress started off as something but ended up as totally something else....a rare combination of the red carpet and a 16 year old's night out.

Sonia said...

Excuse me Ms. Mirza..since when did "Leg O Mutton" sleeves come into fashion??

Anonymous said...

I much prefer Dia's outfit. While it may not be perfect, I think that ill-fitting sleeves (Dia) are somewhat more attractive than Sophie's baggy-around-the-belly dress. Love both their shoes. Sophie also has too much jewellery (jewelled neckline it seems, belt, bangles, watch, metallic bag, earrings). She looks like any average party girl out on the town.

Partho said...

Come on people, what's wrong with you? Sophie should look sexy in a gunny bag to any red blooded male!